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We are a Foundation made up of scientists, intellectuals and entrepreneurs committed to improving the world we live in, and promoting a change of consciousness through innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship inspired by the SDGs.

We promote the improvement of society through companies.

Icloby participates financially and actively promotes different projects with SOCIAL IMPACT with a common denominator: Improving the world in which we live.

Likewise, Icloby complements its representative influence, with an excellent and proven university training for more than 20 years in subjects such as communication and interest groups, lobbying and Crisis Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Innovation, and Health. The training is delivered by leading experts and opinion leaders from the public and private spheres.

What we do and why

Dissemination of knowledge

We have specialized in training with High Standard Universities. The main teaching areas are the implementation of the SDG, Social Responsibility and Business, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Management Skills, Coaching and Awareness. The training is transversal, multicultural, combining research projects, knowledge transfer and technology to implement public policies, in order to solve social problems and generate wealth in the field of the SDGs.

Social actions

The positive results are intended to generate high-performance cross-sectional research groups, scholarships, prizes, social aid, contribution to projects of innovation, contribution to innovative and sustainable projects in social entrepreneurship among others.

Knowledge with our platform of experts in lobbing, corporate social responsability, social innovation and health.
The contribution of economic and human resources for the development of social impact projects that bring innovation, research and the contribution of wealth and well-being to society.
Training giving continuity to the work of the CIES Foundation with the University of Barcelona after more than 20 years of training in sustainable global development.

Knowledge dissemination area

Lobbying and Communication, Lobbyist practices (USA, EU), corporate communication, protocol and events, crisis management

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Sustainable Development Goals, Corporate Social Responsibility, Environment, Sustainability, Sustainable Finance, ESG Criteria, Philanthropy and Volunteering

Awareness, Management Skills, Coaching in order to offer:

Action area with social impact

Currently, the FOUNDATION promotes and collaborates in the following projects:

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