Acuerdo Fundación Icloby y East China Institute of Talent Science(ECITS)

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East China Institute of Talent ScienceECITSis an independent legal person qualified to provide education and talent research service approved by Shanghai municipal government. As an important subsidiary of Shanghai East China Talent Education Group(ECTE), ECITS carries out educational and scientific research, curriculum development, teacher training, talent evaluation and other work around higher education and vocational education. Since its establishment, the Institute has effectively cooperated with the group’s development strategy and undertaken many education decision-making consulting projects purchased by the governments of municipal education departments.


ECITS is also the Secretary-General unit of the teacher development professional committee of Shanghai Overseas Exchange Association of Colleges and Universities. It contacts, attracts and serves professionals and professional institutions in the field of teacher development in Shanghai, and maintains close contact with many overseas first-class colleges and universities.



Phone: +86 21 5186 0000


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