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SDG dialogues Icloby foundation

Social innovation in the sdg as a solution to post-Covid-19 social challenges:


Dr. Xavier Melo, president of the Icloby Foundation

Explain the need for public and private policies to implement the SDGs as a solution to social challenges, particularly the pandemic and post-pandemic of covid-19. Also and no less important, obtain a competitive advantage at the national and business level, in compliance with the 2030 agenda. Several valuable points, innovation and leadership, communication and alliances (public Affairs -USA) stand out.

Regarding the proposal, the link of all this could be: the SDGs are milestones that must be specified in the reality of the country. You have to do your own analysis from the country. The challenges posed by the objectives can be implemented with innovative ideas, achieving new results can only be done with new methods. The link between innovation and the SDGs is the need to create projects (joint ventures between different stakeholders) to bring the solution to social problems to reality. In innovation, the role of people in the process is essential. And in social innovation, also the result that affects people is part of the DNA of innovation. In the process of developing innovations, they need leadership, it is clear that the promotion of female leadership can help the process and add a bonus of empathy and originality to the solutions. Female leadership uniquely contributes to the social innovation process to bring us closer to the SDG of equal opportunities.



20th of August.. SDG 3: Health and wellness

Dr. Xavier Melo – ODS3 and Covid 

Dr. Jordi Martínez – Innovation and transformation of a hospital


August 27th. SDG 16: Peace, justice and strongs institutions.

Dr. Xavier Melo – Opening 

Dr. Gumersindo Ruiz de Mansilla – Governance and Transparency 

Dr. Ana María Fuertes – Innovation and human rights

Dr. Luján Comas – Global awareness and peace


September 3. SDG 9: Innovations and SDG

Dr. Xavier Melo – Opening introduction SDG

Dr. Joan Carles Fajardo – Social innovation in the SDGS

Dr. Jean Claude Rodríguez – Innovation and social entrepreneurship

Dr. Joaquim Vilà – Innovation and desing thinking


Days of social economy and non-profit entities


The sessions have been the result of the detection of the need to carry out a more complex analysis of the entities of the Social Economy, and based on this analysis, to evaluate the impact of the same on the Company, as well as the tools available to the Company and those the Company must use to achieve their objectives. The forum is aimed at researchers, university professors, professionals and leaders of the sector, as well as students who participate in the master’s program.

Days of corporate social responsability and the management of stakeholders

Taking advantage of one of the face-to-face sessions of the master’s degree, Icloby organizes the event with the aim of promoting discussion about the development of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the impact its application has on companies and corporations. The forum brings together experts from the business world and academic leaders, international and national, to share best practices. These events highlight Icloby’s research mission with its target audience: institutional relations (stakeholders & public relations) and media.

Dialogues with a conscience

Individual and global awareness
Consciousness and social leadership

ECM Study

Crisis as opportunity

Dialogues with a conscience: Casa Batlló

Dialogues with a conscience: Grupo México