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Profesor Senior en la Universidad de Middlesex, especializado en emprendimiento y desarrollo de micro y pequeñas empresas. Formador en aprendizaje experiencial. Nombrado investigador docente nacional.

Xavier Melo

Doctor in economics. PDG IESE Business School. Master in Corporate Social Responsibility, social audit. Post graduate in Finance and Marketing from the Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya,

Post graduate in Multivariate Analysis and Analysis of time series by the Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya. Professor at the Universitat de Girona and the Universidad Internacional de Catalunya. Specialist with more than 20 years in management of commercial teams and as a consultant in various business projects.


Luján Comas

Dr. Luján Comas: Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, specializing in Anesthesiology and Resuscitation, worked as an adjunct physician at Vall d’Hebron Hospital for 32 years. Of these 18 as an anesthesiologist in cardiac surgery. 

He was in the pioneer bipulmonary transplant team in Spain and in the first lung transplant in Catalonia. Participate for more than 20 years in the courses “Consciousness in Life” in Merrylife. He has participated in conferences and various forums and conferences, national and international, especially in the specialties of Cardiac Surgery, Rheumatic Diseases, Anesthesia resuscitation and therapeutic pain. He has also published research, scientific articles, interviews and several books.

Co-founder of the Merry Human Life Society (Merrylife), Vice President of the Metta Hospice Foundation, Founding Partner of the Neural Therapy Research Foundation and Honorary Partner of the Scientific Psychological Research Society.

Alexandra Monné Bellmunt

PhD from the University of Girona within the doctoral program of Social Sciences, Health and Education of the Faculty of Psychology and Education. Postgraduate course in university policy and management completed in 2012 at the University of Barcelona…

At the Institute of Education Sciences (ICE). Postgraduate in Human Resources Management, completed in 2011 at the University of Barcelona (IL3) and at the School of Business Administration (EAE). Postgraduate in initiation to research completed in 2010 at the University of Andorra. Postgraduate in Educational Sciences, completed in 2007 at the University of Andorra. Diploma of Advanced Doctoral Studies completed in 2007 at the University of Lleida in the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology

Certificate of teachimg in «psycopedagogical intervention in diversity» obtained in 2007 by the University of Lleida in the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology. Master in  immigrations education and interculturality completed in 2005 at the University of Salamanca, at the “Luis Vives” Teaching School with the final master’s degree on Processing, Organization and lexical and phonological representation in female readers. Postgraduate education in plurilingual educationcompleted in 2004 at the University of Barcelona, Institute of Education Sciences (ICE). Master’s degree in hearing and languaje disorders completed in 2002 at the University of Lleida in the Department of Pedagogy and Educational Psychology, Qualified by the Commission of Habilitation of the College of Speech Therapists of Catalonia, licensed in psychopedagogi in 2001 by the University of Lleida in the Faculty of Education Sciences. Diploma in magistery, in the specialty of primary Education completed in 1999 at the University of Lleida at the Faculty of Education Sciences.

She is part of the permanent staff of the University of Andorra, from the 2007-08 academic year, developing the tasks of Professor in the Bachelor’s degree in Educational Sciences

She has also been a research member of the Language Research Group of the University of Andorra in the period 2010-12, participating in the Multilingualism research project at the University.

Collaborator in the project “We make the school multilingual” organized by the Catalan Society of Pedagogy and the College of Speech Therapists of Andorra (March-2017)

She has participated in numerous investigations of sociolinguistic and sociological works: Research project “The values of the Andorran population”. Research project “Representation and linguistic uses in Catalonia, 2004” funded by the Generalitat of Catalonia. Project “Cultural identity, belonging and language in trilingual Aragon”. Multilingualism, Interculturality and education, among others, as well as the author of an extensive list of publications


Amit Goswami

He is one of the pioneering thinkers in science and spirituality, He was a professor of Science Theoretical at the University of Oregon for over 30 years, and is currently Resident Researcher at the world renowned Institute of Noetic Sciences.

It is author of numerous books, among which is “The Physics of the Soul.” The theories of Goswami reached the general public thanks to their participation in the film ¿¡ What do you know!? He calls himself a quantum activist and has published numerous books on the connection between science and spirituality, as well as being a lecturer habitual in numerous events.

Ángel Ibisaste

Agronomist, and Master in Business Administration and Management Business Management and Administration by the Instituto de Empresa Specialized consultant in corporate responsibility and excellence.

Head of the Corporate Responsibility and Excellence Department and Professor and student at the University of Barcelona, Master in Corporate Social Responsibility and social audit.


Arcadi Navarro I Cuartiellas

Dr. Arcadi Navarro is Professor of Genetics and ICREA research Professor at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF, Barcelona). He holds a PhD in Genetics from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

After leaving academia for a few years, he returned to basic research in 1999 as a postdoc at Edinburgh University.

He joined UPF in 2002, where he leads a research group on evolutionary genomics, an area in which he has 180 publications, mostly using computational approaches and covering issues that range from chromosomal speciation or biodiversity to senescence or how to better predict phenotypes from genomic data.

He was Vice-director of the Institut de Biologia Evolutiva (IBE, a joint UPF-CSIC institute) from its foundation in 2008 and until 2013. Between 2013 and 2016 he was director of the Department of Experimental and Health Sciences of the UPF. In addition, he was director of the Population Genomics Node of the Spanish National Institute of Bioinformatics (INB). In 2013 and joined the CRG (Center for Genomic Regulation) to co-direct the European Genome-phenome Archive (EGA, see https://ega-archive.org) in the context of a collaboration with the European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI). The EGA is the largest world-wide steward and distributor of Medical Genomics data.

He quitted all this between 2016 and 2018 to be the Secretary of Universities and Research in the Catalan Government. In 2019, he went back to his previous responsibilities and, additionally, became the director of the Barcelona Beta Brain Research Center (https://www.barcelonabeta.org/), focusing on the prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease. Since March 2020 he is also director of the Fundación Pasqual Maragall (https://fpmaragall.org/).

Carles Agustí Hernández

Carles Agustí Hernàndez is a Governance Consultant (Open Government, Big Data, Smart Cities and SDG’s), SDG Certified and international speaker about this issues with attendance in more than 100 congresses.

He’s considered by World CSR organization one of the 50 best experts in Smart Cities at world level. Sustainable Development Manager Goals Certified and Spain Country Officer by IFGICT-International speaker about this items with attendance and speech in more than 100 congresses and events over the world.

United Nations collaborator for governance and SDG’s.He achieved that Barcelona accomplish for  first time 100% of the international criteria of transparency He deploy open government project of Barcelona Regional Government, project called “DibaOberta”. He has been General Secretary of the international organization OIDP that has nearly 1,000 cities in almost 100 countries. 

Member of Leading Cities international organization and Barcelona Open Data Initiative Advisory Board, also in UCLG Open Government Commission (United Cities and Local Governments).

He Has been President of the political communication association of Catalonia Compolcat, and Vice President of ACCIEP

Senior Advisor, mentor and consultant of companies and institutions in the subjects of their expertise and visiting professor of some universities.

CEO Data Coach – Very Personal Coach

CEO in this company from which make consultancy and advice projects in governance.IFGICT Country Officer Spain Spain Country Officer of this international organization based in Brazil – USA – Switzerland, from which have also Sustainable Development Goals Manager Certified.

Senior Advisor en Doxa:Governance Senior Advisor in Governance in this company with more than 50 workers and projects over the world.

Mentor in Tipscool

Start ups Mentor and collaboration in digitization and governance projects inside Barcelona Digital Talent Project.

carme riera


Carme Riera i Prunera es Licenciada en Economía y Administración y Dirección de Empresas por la Universidad Pompeu Fabra en 1997. Es maestra en Economía por la London School of Economics en 1998.

En 2001 obtuvo el título de doctora en Economía por la Universidad de Barcelona con la tesis “Essays on Fiscal Policy, Human Capital, Inequality and Growth”.

El curso 2007-2008 completó el Programa Vicens Vives de Liderazgo y Compromiso cívico en ESADE para jóvenes directivos.

El curso 2000-2001 realizó una estancia en la University of Washington (WA) en calidad de doctoranda. Posteriormente, el curso 2002-2003 fue profesora visitante en la University of Washington (WA) impartiendo la asignatura Economic Development. Actualmente, y desde 2003, es profesora titular de la Facultad de Economía y Empresa de la Universidad de Barcelona, ​​en el departamento de Econometría, Estadística y Economía Aplicada. Desde el año 2004 es tutora a los estudios de Economía y Empresa en Universidad Abierta de Cataluña (UOC) y desde el 2018, consultora de la asignatura de Fundamentos de Estadística. Forma parte del grupo de investigación consolidado de Análisis Cuantitativo Regional (AQR) y del instituto de investigación IREA-UB, del cual es su secretaria científica.

Sus líneas de investigación se centran en el crecimiento económico, la política económica, la gobernanza electrónica y el análisis educativa y el capital humano, con especial atención a la inserción de los titulados en el mercado laboral. En los últimos años, ha participado en diversos proyectos relacionados con las políticas económicas y el gasto gubernamental, así como la investigación educativa, las competencias de los licenciados y la relación entre la universidad y la empresa



Fundación Palacio de Villalón.(Responsable del Registro de obras de arte desde 2013. Asesoramiento jurídico y Secretaría técnica del Patronato de la Fundación)

Licenciada en Derecho por la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Master en Tributación por el Centro de Estudios Garrigues.

Ha impartido cursos en FGUMA y UNIA.


David Urbano

Professor of Entrepreneurship, Vice Dean of Entrepreneurship and Internationalization, and PhD Program Director (International Doctorate in Entrepreneurship and Management, iDEM) at the Faculty of economics and business studies School of Economics and Business universitat…

autonoma de barcelona Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). I received a PhD (European Doctoral Programme in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, UAB / Växjö University – Sweden), a MA in Applied Research in Social and Cultural Anthropology (UAB) and a BA in Economics and Business (UAB). I also regularly visit Haas School of Business (University of California BerkeIey). My research focuses on the analysis of factors affecting entrepreneurship in different contexts, using the institutional approach as a theoretical framework, and combining quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

I have published several studies in international academic journals (including Entrepreneurship and Regional Development, International Small Business Journal, Journal of Small Business Management, Journal of Technology Transfer, Research Policy, Small Business Economics, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, etc.) and I participate in Spanish and international research projects (GEM, PSED, GUESSS). Currently, I run the Minor in Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation  and teach entrepreneurship courses at undergraduate (Department of Business –School of Economics and Business-), master (Master in Applied Research in Economics and Business -MAREB-) and doctoral level (International Doctorate in Entrepreneurship and Management, iDEM) at the UAB and at other international universities. Also, I work as a consultant in entrepreneurship, innovation and SMEs in many projects of the Catalan and Spanish government, European Union, OCDE and the private sector. I am co-founder and director of Centre for University Entrepreneurship -CIEU- (UAB Emprèn).


Enric Rello Condomines

Doctor (Ph.D) in Economics & Business Administration, Master’s in Administrative Management, Business Administration and Management (ADE), Laws and Economics Degree from the University Abat Oliba – CEU, Spain.

Business Administration, University of Barcelona (UB), Spain. Postgraduate in Legal Practice from the ICAB. Senior Management Program (PLD) & HBS Finance Excellence Program at Harvard Business School (Executive Education) Boston – USA. Tax specialist from Institute of Public Economics, Cooperative and Financial Law at the UB.

He began his professional career in the field of consultancy, audit and consulting, later specializing in Management Control and Economic Financial Management in the Environmental and Industrial Machinery (2007 -2011) and Pharmaceutical industry (1993 -2006).

In this latter sector he has held the position of Financial Controller, Controller Manager (BPA) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at different Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies.

He is a university professor in the Department of Economics and Business at the University Abat Oliba – CEU.

Specialized in Corporate Governance, he is involved in the Board of Directors and the Audit and Compliance Committee of the Company (MedCap) listed on the Spanish Continuous Market (Stock Exchanges of Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Valencia). He is business consultant in strategy and valuation of companies, and Judicial Economic Expert, member of the Col·legi d’Economistes de Catalunya and enrolled in that professional association in the lists of the Justice Administration of forensic actions and contradictory expert appraisals.

Twice awarded, by Actualidad Económica magazine, in collaboration with KPMG, with the award to one of the 100 Best Financial Directors of Spain, and recognised as one of the 25 Most Innovative Financial Directors.

Èrika Sánchez

She is a screenwriter, director and producer. She worked for some time as a personal assistant and script supervisor before directing her first short documentary, The Show, in 2013. Her first feature-length documentary, It’s Never Darker, followed the year after.

She is co-founder of the Antivaho Cinematográfico production company with Xavi Esteban. Panteres is her first short fiction film and a prelude to her debut feature film, The Quiet Women, which she is currently developing

She has made various short films and installations for exhibitions such as Huevos (2006), Sinfonía obrera (2010), Les màquines del temps (2011), Decalogue for the individual revolution (2014), as well as the documentary short films El Espectáculo (2013) and Camino de May (2015).

She is currently producing the documentary feature film Perifèria, of which she is also director and screenwriter. In 2020, she wrote, directed and produced the short film Panteres, premiered at the Berlinale 2020, a prelude to the feature film in development, The Quiet Women. With the support of the Master in Creative Documentary from Pompeu Fabra University, she is developing the documentary feature film Dietari Final co-directed with Ariadna Pujol.

Gabriel Ginebra

Business Thinker & amp; Organizational Coach Graduate in Philosophy, MBA from IESE and Doctor in Business Organization. Director of Executive Development at Arthur Andersen. Professor of Human Behavior at IESE, UPF, UAO and  universities in Europe and America.

He has directed in-company managerial training projects for Santander, Novartis, Seat, Port de Barcelona, Hospital Clinic, NH Group, etc.

Creator of Managing Incompetence, an alternative vision of the company and its people. Best international seller: Incompetent Management (9 ed) and The Japanese Who Crashed the Train to buy time (8 ed). Slow Management, Planning without decimals, Delegating recklessly or Directing Slow Fire are some of his disruptive proposals.

Gloria Martínez

Degree in Communication Sciences at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and languages at the C.IC. Subdirection, coordination and production of several programs for TVE, Antena3, Telecinco… 

TV3 and RTP (Portugal). Collaborations with El Terrat, Filmax, Bausán Films, Videomedia and Gestmusic. Many collaborative works for communication agencies and events: Newlink Globally, Singular team and Interprofit, events, fairs and presentations for Puig Fragances, Antonio Banderas, Carolina Herrera, Jean Paul Gaultier, Paco Rabanne), Nespresso, Starbucks, Casio, E-dreams, Torre Agbar, Hotel Mandarin, G-Star, Font Vella, Hard Rock Café, Evax, Armani, Nit del Turisme de Catalunya, Porsche, Baccardí, Duravit, Nescafe, Transports Municipals de Barcelona (TMB), Itama and Moët, Cosmobelleza Fair and various sustainability projects for several brands, Barcelona Harley Days, Grand Marina Hotel inauguration, Aegaca Congresses, 80th anniversary Hugh Hefner Playboy, Icloby Foundation, Spanish Heart Foundation Galas


Gonzalo Brito

Psicólogo clínico por la Universidad Católica de Chile y doctor en Psicologia por el Institute of Transpersonal Psychology de Estados Unidos. Estudió en el Centro para la Investigación y la Educación a la Compasión y el Altruismo de la Universidad de Standford (CCARE) siendo actualmente director de la Formación Internacional de Instructores del Programa “Compassion Cultivation Training” (CCT) para paises de habla hispana en colaboración con Nirakara y el Compassion Institute. Ha realizado un Post-Graduate Certificate en la Universidad de Derby, UK, en Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) bajo la supervisión de Paul Gilbert. Autor y coautor de diferentes libros.



Gumersindo Ruiz

Gumersindo Ruiz is currently Honorary professor of Economics at the University of Málaga (previously at Alicante and Barcelona universities, where he got his PhD in Economics), teaching at the Accounting and Finance degree, and the Master of Finance and Insurance.

Recently he has been the director of a doctoral thesis on the transmission mechanism of the ECB monetary policy, an empirical research on credit distribution through the EU.

He is also the Senior Advisor, with a small team, to the President of UnicajaBanco, a leader and profitable former regional saving bank.

In 1991 he was the President of Caja de Ahorros de Antequera, merging then with another four saving banks to create Unicaja. In the new Unicaja he founded Unicorp, a financial holding; Unigest, a society for investment funds management; Ahorroandaluz, for pension funds management; Unicorp Mediación, an insurance broker; Unicorp Patrimonio, an asset management society; and Unicorp Vida, a life insurance company . In 1992 Unicorp was also a founding member of Titulización de Activos, leader in the securitization business in Spain. He was the President or CEO in each society till 2007.

Recent publications by Gumersindo Ruiz include: contributor to “The First Great Recession of the 21st Century”, Edward Elgar Publishers, 2011; contributor to “The First Crisis in a Global Economy”, Thomson Reuters, 2011; “Mortgage Foreclosure Process in Securitization Funds”, Revista de Economistas Forenses, 2011; “Debt Securitization in the Spanish Electrical Sector”, Cuadernos de Economía, 2011. “Why the rate of interest will be at very low levels for years”, Arethuse, 2014; “Forecasting the price of housing in Spain: An econometric model”, Jornadas Internacionales de Política Económica, 2017; “Rate of interest and Taylor´s Rule”, Arethuse, 2017. Two e-books on the subject of securitization by Gumersindo Ruiz et al have been published by the Instituto de Estudios Inmobiliarios (Instai).

For more than thirteen years he has been a weekly columnist for Grupo Joly, a group of nine regional newspapers.

He is also the President of the Instituto de Análisis Inmobiliario, a center for research on real estate and appraisal; the Presidente of the “Economy and Finance Commission” at the Málaga Chamber of Commerce; Senior Advisor to AIS-International, artificial intelligence; and a Senior Advisor to the program for high level golf players studying at Málaga University.

In the seventies he was a Fulbright student in the United States, a Fundación March scholar, and visitor professor in the University of California, Berkeley.

In the last few years he has been actively involved in research and teaching on Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility and Compliance, with presentations at the University of Malaga, European Parliament Program: “GRSCC in the European Union” (May 2018); and University of La Laguna: “Governance post-crisis in the EU: the vision of the firm” (September 2018)


Iñaki Díaz Knörr

Degree in Geography and History June 1997. University of Navarra. Degree in Artistic Studies September 1997. University Navarre. Cooperation Project Manager having participated in the preparation, monitoring and justification of more than 160 projects in the following countries…

Cooperation Project Manager having participated in the preparation, monitoring and justification of more than 160 projects in the following countries: Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Guatemala, El Salvador, Peru, Lebanon, Bolivia and India since 1992 to the present.

Training Consultant 2017- Associate Professor of the University of Navarra. Law School. Degree of International Relations. Subject: Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Assistance of the EU.

International Cooperation Consultant: Project Management, Identification, Formulation, Monitoring, Justification, External Evaluations, Strategic Plans and Communication Plans. International Volunteering Management.
Subjects taught: Project formulation according to Logical Framework, Fundraising, Volunteering and Awareness.


Jason A. Scorza

DR. Jason A. Scorza is Professor of Political Science and Philosophy at Fairleigh Dickinson University where he teaches and lectures on the history of political and social thought and the ethics of public and international affairs.

Dr.Scorza earned his Ph.D. in Politics at Princeton University and is author of a book, Strong Liberalism: Habits of Mind for Democratic Citizenship (Tufts University Press, 2007), as well as more than forty papers and articles, including those appearing in journals such as Political Theory, The Review of Politics, Theory and Research in Education, and the International Journal of Politics and Ethics. He also is editor of Higher Education as a Bridge to the Future (Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2015).

Dr. Scorza also serves as Vice Provost for International Affairs at Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey (USA). In the latter capacity he oversees global learning programs, study abroad programs, global partnerships, international initiatives, and FDU’s University Core Curriculum. Under Scorza’s leadership, FDU became the first university in the world to be granted Special Consultative Status by the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

jean claude

Jean Claude Rodríguez

PhD Economics. Co-founder & CEO of Jobui, an app that connects students with professionals for a one-hour job-shadowing experience. Co-founder of Puddle, an online platform based in San Francisco where you can borrow money easily from a community of like-minded people.

Puddle was invested in by Google Ventures and Andreesen Horowitz. I also founded ACAF, an organisation implementing Puddles offline in more than 10 countries. I am an Ashoka fellow and was selected Best Creative Entrepreneur of the World in 2008. I hold a PhD in Microfinance.

Joaquim Vilà

He is Professor of Strategic Management, Innovation and Design Thinking, and academic director of IESE’s focused programs for executives on Innovation Management and Design Thinking.

VHe has worked as a research fellow at the Wharton School’s Reginald H. Jones Center for Management Policy, Strategy and Organization, and as a research associate in the Wharton School’s Management and Technology program. Consultant to more than 50 national and international companies, including Roche Diagnostics, Amgen, Telefónica, Komatsu, Nutrexpa, Uniland, APLI, Henkel, Nestlé, Premo and Sener, among others. He is director of innovation on the board of directors of several Spanish companies.

Prof. Vilà has published several papers on innovation and Design Thinking, strategy formulation, organizational renewal and innovation systems of management positions. His current research focuses on: how to improve innovation competencies through strategic thinking, creative innovation and the role of managers in reinventing and transforming a business, and how to nurture a sustainable innovation culture.


Joan Carles Fajardo

IESE Business School – University of Navarra, Doctor in the society of information and knowledge. Innovation. Applied economics. Chief of Human Resources at Eurecat – Technology Centre of Catalonia… 

Collaborating profesor at UOC.


Joan Fontrodona

Joan Fontrodona Felip is a Professor and Director of the Department of Business Ethics, and academic director of the IESE Center for Business in Society. He holds a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Navarra and an MBA from IESE.

The Center for Business Ethics (Bentley College), the Harvard Business School and the Francisco Marroquín University (Guatemala) have all hosted Prof. Fontrodona as a visiting professor. He is president of Ethics, Economics and Management (the Spanish section of the European Business Ethics Network), and member of the executive committee of the Association of Spanish Entities adhering to the United Nations Global Compact (ASEPAM). He participates in the Academic Committee of the European Academy of Business in Society (EABIS). He is a member of Forética, as well as an Associate Researcher at the Enterprise and Humanism Institute of the Universidad de Navarra. In addition, he is part of the Social Responsibility Committee of the Board of the Association of Chartered Accountants of Catalonia.

Joaquim Borrás

JoaquimBorrás Ferré, ambassador and professor at the Icloby Foundation, is also the executive president of ISS Spain. Born in Barcelona 55 years ago, Joaquim Borrás Ferré has led the ISS group in Spain since 2007.

He joined the company in 1998, coming from the Danish company Nilfisk, a company in which he held different positions, from salesman to director Marketing, until reaching the general direction and the position of CEO

Since finishing his Business Sciences degree at ESADE in Barcelona, he has completed his training with postgraduate programs at various international business schools, such as the Hautes Etudes Commerciales de Paris, where he specialized in Marketing and Advertising, or the MC Gill University in Montreal. He has also completed managerial specialization studies at Standford University in California, at IESE at ESADE.

jose maria

José María Tomás Tío

Graduated in Law, Magistrate and President of Fundación por la Justicia entered the Judicial Career by opposition, exercising competences in civil, commercial, family, criminal and civil registry matters.

University professor, Head of Studies of the School of Legal Practice of the Illustrious College of Lawyers of Valencia between 1999 and 2008, expert for the European Year against Racism, expert in the Congress on Human Responsibilities and Duties, Patron of the Oxfam Intermon Foundation since October 2004 to June 2017, Creator of the “Bill of Rights of the User of Justice” at the initiative of the Valencian Association of Consumers and Users (AVACU) in 2002, First Award for Human Rights of the Illustrious College of Lawyers of Valencia, President Foundation for Justice.

Impossible to list the experience in different countries in the field of judicial services.

We name some of them: Dominican Republic, expert in Justice of the European Union for the preparation of a Pilot Project for immediate support and for a Feasibility Study of a Program to support the Reform and Modernization of the State.

International Consultant to provide technical assistance to the Judicial School in the development of the Continuing Judicial Training Project in Panama. In Ethiopia Diagnosis of the situation and evaluation of the possibilities of action for the “National Plan of Action for the Rights of Ethiopian Women.

In Sofia (Bulgaria) Short Term Expert in the “Training Judges and Lawyers”, called “Support for the elaboration and effective implementation of the consumer protection legislation and for the strengthening of the institutional structure in the field of consumer protection”.

He has been, among others in El Salvador, Consultant on “Training of Work Teams in the Judicial Office”, within the “Project to Strengthen Initial and Continuous Training of Legal Operators”, appointed by the General Council of the Judicial Power of Spain and President of the International Tribunal for the application of Restorative Justice, convened by the UCA Institute of Human Rights and the Network of Committees of victims of the armed conflict.

In Bangladesh Youth support through microcredit acquisition of a job with rischaws.

In Lima (Peru) Jurisdictional activity in the Fifth Criminal Chamber for Trials with Free Prisoners in the Superior Court of Justice, designated by the Council, improves the living conditions of orphaned or neglected children.

In Senegal, a co-development project with five associations of women and youth at risk of exclusion and institutional strengthening of five municipalities for democratic and participatory management, incorporating respect for human rights. In Colombia Consultant to Human Rights Organizations for the peace process.

In Mexico Expert in Penitentiary Mediation and Restorative Justice in National Mediation Congresses, held in Tlalnepantla de Baz and Puebla.

… these are just some examples of his specific professional experience in judicial cooperation and development cooperation.

Josep Tapies

Josep Tàpies holds the Family-Owned Business Chair at IESE and is a Professor in the Department of Strategic Management. He holds a PhD in Industrial Engineering from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) and has an MBA from ESADE.

His areas of expertise include strategic management, corporate governance, and family-owned businesses, their development and governance structures. He currently teaches in the MBA program and in other training programs for managers at IESE. He also designs programs focused on topics specifically related to the family-owned business, where he teaches General Management, Government and Strategy in the Family-Owned Business.

Professor Tàpies has been a professor of General Management at different business schools in Europe and Latin America: AESE in Portugal, IDE in Ecuador, PAD-Universidad de Piura in Peru, ISE in Brazil, IAE in Argentina, ESE in Chile and INALDE in Colombia. He has also been a member of the academic board of IPADE in Mexico and the ESE of Santiago, Chile.

For many years, he has worked as an advisor in several companies, many of them family-owned, as well as in Spanish and international banking institutions. He is a member of the Board of Directors of several Spanish companies, Fellow of the International Family Enterprise Research Academy (IFERA), member of the board of directors of the Spanish Association of Family-Owned Business Consultants and Academicians (CAEF). He is also a member of the International Academy of Management.

Professor Tàpies is the author of numerous book chapters and books such as: “100 Familias que cambiaron el mundo: Las empresas familiares y la industrialización”, “Sí quiero: el compromiso de la familia empresaria”, “Management Buy Out”, “Plan de vuelo”, “Empresa familiar, ni tan pequeña ni tan joven”,”Family values and value creation” (junto con el profesor John L. Ward), “Familia empresaria” and “Génesis del consejo”. He has also written a wide variety of academic and journalistic articles on family-owned businesses.

More information on the blog


Jordi Martínez

Innovation Manager, Fundación TicSalut. With a degree in Medicine and Surgery from UAB. Master’s degree in Health Institutions UAB, Executive Master’s in Health Organization Management ESADE, PDG IESE, among others.

Advanced Leadership Health Forum Member Berkeley University of California.

jordi mas

Jordi Mas I Castella

Jordi Mas holds a PhD in Microbiology from the University of Barcelona and an MBA from ESADE Business School, Barcelona, Spain. He started his professional career as a scientific researcher in the fields of microbial ecology and biotechnology… 

and has taught at several universities in the Barcelona area. He also worked in the R&D division of a chemical company located in Barcelona. Since 1996, he has specialized in R&D management. In this capacity, his responsibilities have ranged from project manager to Director of the Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation (FCRI), Coordinator of International Relations at the Secretariat for Universities and Research (SUR) of the Catalan Government, and Executive Director of the Agency for Management of University and Research Grants (AGAUR). Currently he is the Program Officer of the Spanish Supercomputing Network (RES) at the Barcelona Supercomputer Center (BSC).

He has also taught strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship at different universities. He has also served as Council Member of the city of Sitges, responsible for finance, city planning, public health and environmental issues.

Currently he serves as Associate Professor of Microbiology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Faculty of Biosciences, UAB) and at the International University of Catalonia (Faculty of Odontology, UIC).

Dr Jorge Carvajal.

Jorge Carvajal

Médico cirujano por la Universidad de Antioquía, pionero de la medicina bioenergética
en Hispanoamérica y creador de la Sintergética y Manos para Sanar. Ésta es una
propuesta médica que, desde el espíritu de la síntesis, integra los avances en

biocibernética y en teoría general de sistemas, la física cuántica, las medicinas
tradicionales y los más modernos descubrimientos de la medicina occidental, a la
sanación, concebida ésta como el camino hacia la paz, la armonía interior y la
solidaridad en las relaciones.
Brillante médico y filósofo, científico de vanguardia, conferenciante y escritor.
Cofundador de Viavida, sociedad destinada a la investigación, la asistencia y la
docencia, y la Asociación Internacional de Sintergética (A.I.S.), asociación sin ánimo de
lucro, que agrupa terapeutas, médicos, asociaciones, empresas y fundaciones
relacionadas con la formación, la práctica, la promoción y la proyección social de la
Sintergética en el mundo, de la cual es Presidente Honorífico.


Laura Ilzarbe

Industrial Engineer from the University of Navarra, PhD Engineer from the Technische Universität Berlin, Black Belt from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Laura, began her professional career at the Volkswagen Quality Chair.

She has published four books and more than twenty articles in international scientific journals related to quality management. He has attended international congress numbers and actively participates with different universities. In the field of teaching, she is a collaborating professor at the UIC (International University of Catalonia), collaborating professor of the Master in Supply Chain Management at the UPC, collaborating professor at the ICIL and a visiting professor at the master in Project Management at the University of Piura in Peru .

Professional experience: She has developed her career as Quality Director of different MEM companies, (Automotive, Daimler Group Company), TSB (Transport, Barcelona, ​​1000 employees) among others, creating the quality department. EFQM, ISO 9001: 2015, SQAS. Internal audits. Outsourcing. Supplier Evaluation. Read Management Process improvement. Continuous improvement teams, among other functions.


Laurentino J. Martí I Aguasca

Economist specialist in healthcare. BSc in Economics. Master’s in Health Economics and Health Care Management. Master’s in Economic and Finance Management, Quality Management in Primary Health Care, Doctorate in Business Organization.

Direct experience for more than 10 years in managing health care organizations in different positions (finance, human resources and IT). With a clear project management orientation, I have been involved in consulting at a national and international scope, working as international healthcare consultant in projects for the European Commission or World Health Organisation.

Currently working as Technical Assistant for the Fundació TicSalut (Mataró, Spain) and Chief Financial and Innovation Officer of CASAP (Castelldefels, Spain). Business administration and finance management of primary care and emergency care organization.

Specialties: Health economics, Healthcare management, Finance management, Human resources and professional development, Information systems, International alliances, International trading


Lenna Chambers

Lawyer and Biologist, George Washington University Law School, George Washington University, Washington, DC, USA, Marshall University, Huntington, WV, USA. Partner at Bowles Rice LLP, Charleston, WV, USA.

Represented clients in state and federal courts, and before administrative agencies such as the United States Department of Labor and the Internal Revenue Service, in litigation involving business-to-business contract disputes and legal compliance.
Biologist responsible for research and preparation of environmental impact statements complying with federal law requirements at Army Corps of Engineers, Huntington, WV, USA. CumLaudem awards and rating, and Marshall University Science Department Faculty Award.
Volunteerism. State Bar Disciplinary Council, W.V., USA, Member of the Board of Directors. Volunteer and Board Member Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) of Charleston, WV, USA.


Liliana Arroyo

Doctor in Sociology from the University of Barcelona. She is a social analyst who has combined academic research and applied sociology. Her teaching and research activity is carried out at the ESADE Institute for Social Innovation…

Addressing issues related to digital transformation and social impact. The last report she has led is “My Data, My Rules. From data extractivism to digital empowerment”.

She is also an active disseminator and regularly participates in conferences and conferences. She writes regularly in different newspapers (El Periódico, ARA, El Diari de l’Educació) and also collaborates in radio and TV programs. She has just published his first essay about the digital experience of young people, entitled “You are not your self. 9 digital secrets that everyone lives but nobody explains.”

Mikel Lizarralde

Mikel Lizarralde es un reconocido médium internacional y autor del libro Un Nuevo Mensaje. Su deseo de comprender el comportamiento social, las experiencias humanas y la psique, le llevó a estudiar distintas áreas relacionadas con la mente, la conducta humana y las experiencias extrasensoriales. Terminó con honores la formación en Estudios Psíquicos (Psychic Studies) en Montreal, Canadá (2005) www.iiihs.org. Tras estudiar Counselling (2014), decidió formarse en psicología, graduándose en (2021) por la Universidad Internacional de La Rioja. Mikel es reverendo espiritual, colabora como voluntario en la Asociación Alaia (Centro de Atención al Duelo), y recibió el “Premio a la Excelencia por Ayudar a Crear un Mundo Mejor en el Programa “Embajadores Internacionales por la Paz”, dirigido por Elaine Valdov, relacionado con el departamento de información pública de las Naciones Unidas.
Dr Manuel Ballester


Doctor en Medicina Interna y Cardiología. Director del Programa de Transplantes de Corazón
del Hospital de Sant Pau. Jefe del Servicio de Cardiología del Hospital Arnau de Vilanova de
Lleida. Catedrático de Medicina (Cardiología) de la Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad de
Lleida. Más de 100 publicaciones en revistas nacionales e internacionales. Más de 20 premios
a la labor de investigación. Presidente de la Sociedad Catalana de Cardiología. Cofundador del Grupo de Investigación de Biología Molecular sobre Muerte Celular. Actualmente participa en un equipo multidisciplinar de la Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña (UPC), el Centro de Visión por Computador (CVC) y el Barcelona Supercomputer Center (BSC) en el modelado del
corazón helicoidal.

Dr. Manel Sans Segarra.

Manel Sans Segarra.

Doctor en Medicina y Cirugia. Jefe de Servicio de Cirugía General y Digestiva a l’Hospital
Universitari de Bellvitge. Especializado en Cirugía del páncreas y del esófago. Pionero en el uso de la laparoscopia en Cirugía General. Profesor Asociado de Cirugía General y Digestiva a la Universitat de Barcelona.
Diversas publicaciones en libros y revistas de la especialidad.
Miembro de Sociedades de Cirugía de Cataluña, España, Francia, Inglaterra y Japón.
Premio a la Excelencia Profesional otorgado por el Colegio Oficial de Médicos de Barcelona.
Presidente de la Sección de Médicos Sénior del Colegio Oficial de Médicos de Barcelona.
Representante de Cataluña en el Consejo General de Colegios de Médicos de España.
Fundador y Presidente de la Asociación de Médicos Sénior del Hospital Universitario de

Marcelo A. Glavic Barrios

Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and Master’s in Corporate Social Responsibility, Accounting and Social Auditing from the Universitat de Barcelona.

He has several publications in the Universidad Católica del Norte, Seminar on Social Responsibility in Mining, ALAS Congress, etc.

Marc Jacobs

Marc, tiene una maestría SLOAN en liderazgo y estrategia de London Business School y una maestría en ingeniería de KIH De Nayer en Bélgica. Vive en Luxemburgo desde hace 20 años y es miembro de su ayuntamiento local.

Durante su carrera, ha ocupado varios cargos directivos internacionales de alto rango, como Director General, Director General y Vicepresidente de Ventas y Marketing.

Marc es un apasionado de la iniciativa empresarial y de aprovechar la experiencia cultural para mejorar el rendimiento empresarial y la cohesión social.

Es fundador y propietario de Imajine Sàrl, una empresa de consultoría especializada en Gestión Intercultural, así como Cultura Organizativa y Estrategia y licenciataria de Hofstede Insights, una consultora global.

Marc es coautor del libro: Negocie como un local, 7 modos de pensar para aumentar su tasa de éxito en los negocios internacionales. El libro fue respaldado por el Prof. David Arnold de LBS y por el Prof. Gertjan Hofstede. El libro ha sido traducio en español, ruso, mandarín y alemán.

Es cofundador de ‘La Maison pour le Développement des Compétences Interculturelles’ o ‘MDCI’, una organización sin ánimo de lucro que apoya la integración de refugiados en la sociedad de Luxemburgo trabajando con líderes y entrenadores para construir puentes a través de la división cultural. También ejerce como presidente de la comisión de integración en su comunidad local.

Marc es cofundador y presidente de Molecular Plasma Group, una start-up de alta tecnología con sede en Luxemburgo  y también colabora en diferentes consejos.

Marcos González

Marcos González

Doctoral studies on Internal Communication and Social Responsibility at the Ramon Llull University, postgraduate in CSR at the Castilla la Mancha University and with the Corporate Responsibility Program at IE Business School.

Marcos González is founder, journalist, president editor of the media of communication Corresponsables, the Corresponsables Foundation and ObservaRSE, the leading organization in Spain and Latin America in journalism and responsible communication that celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2020 and has as its mission to value the responsible and sustainable activities of all types of organizations to build a better world together. Marcos González has participated in more than 500 events and forums in Latin America, written in various books and is a regular professor at various universities and business schools.

Member of the Board of Directors and of the CSR Committees of various organizations such as Forética, Dircom, AECA, Col. legi Censors Jurats i Comptes, Aedipe, he is also a jury of numerous awards such as Merco, Fundacom, Respon.cat, Fenin, Silver Snail. She has been recognized on various occasions both in her role as an entrepreneur, as a journalist and as an academic, with awards such as the Solidarity Economy Award, the II Award from the Center for Financial Studies and the Alares Award, among others, as well as being a finalist for the Award Young Entrepreneur of the year. Also Corresponsables has obtained a large number of national and international recognitions and is a BCorp (best companies for the world) since 2017.

Mayte Márquez

Advisory Senior Manager at DPMC. Consultant with more than 15 years of experience in promoting the transformation of Companies through the purpose of people. Aligning people management policies and systems with the company’s strategy… 

and impacting the triple bottom line. She was director of Learning & Development at ISS, promoting the Organization’s strategy through employee engagement. Franklin Covey Program Facilitator.


Consultor internacional especializado en responsabilidad social corporativa, sostenibilidad, gestión de conflictos, derechos humanos, desarrollo social y políticas públicas. Miguel cuenta con veinte años de experiencia en investigación, consultoría y gestión en proyectos de relaciones comunitarias, responsabilidad social y desarrollo socioeconómico. Durante los últimos quince años, ha trabajado en la industria extractiva, ocupando puestos directivos en una empresa minera y consultoras sociales y es Socio Estratégico en una ONG internacional. Como gerente de la industria, ha tenido responsabilidad directa en el diseño, implementación y monitoreo de relaciones comunitarias, gestión socioambiental, planes de RSE y sistemas de gestión. Miguel es antropólogo con estudios concluidos de Maestría en Gestión Social.

En la actualidad es fundador y Director de CCPM Grupo Consultor  donde es el encargado de dar dirección y liderazgo hacia el logro de la filosofía de la organización, misión, estrategia y sus metas y objetivos anuales

Responsable de la implementación de una gestión integrada de Asuntos Sociales para las actividades de la industria minera, incluyendo: Desarrollo de la Estrategia Corporativa y Sistemas de Gestión Social. Ambos procesos permiten una definición más precisa de los objetivos sociales de la empresa y la aplicación sistemática de las actividades para lograr resultados efectivos y mejorar el rendimiento de forma continua.  

Asimismo es Industry Fellow en Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining, The University of Queensland. El Centre for Social Responsibility de la University of Queensland es uno de los íderes globales en investigación e incidencia en industria extractiva. Las responsabilidades asumidas están orientadas a contribuir con el Centro a través del intercambio de conocimientos profesionales en gestión social en industrias extractivas. Las actividades por desarrollar incluyen participar en proyectos de investigación, realización de presentaciones institucionales, preparación de y documentos para compartir las mejores prácticas entre otros.

También es socio estratégico en RESOLVE, ONG internacional con sede en Washington con treinta y ocho años de trabajo con líderes en todos los sectores sobre temas de sostenibilidad, medio ambiente y salud pública, con especial énfasis en el desarrollo de soluciones colaborativas entre sectores www.resolv.org. 

Responsable de brindar soporte técnico especializado a los proyectos desarrollados por RESOLVE en América: 

Desarrollo sostenible de recursos naturales. Recursos y Derechos, con énfasis en la Diplomacia de Recursos, incluyendo los derechos indígenas y la Consentimiento Previo Libre e Informada (CPLI)I. Ethical ReSource Supply Chains con un enfoque particular en las condiciones del site / comunidad.



Miguel Venturas Monsó

Biologist and MBA, my professional experience has been linked to the design and development of environmental and ecology projects, to the promotion of BIOSPHERE spaces, at the management and conservation of Natural Resources:

Water, soil and biodiversity, a environmental quality systems (ISO, EMAS), to the study and promotion of development sustainable, for the purposes and adaptation to climate change, conducting studies Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), cycle analysis of Life (LCA), the circular economy, the education and sustainable tourism.

Nadia Llorens

Nadia Llorens holds a degree in Political Science from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and specialized in International Organizations from Science Po Paris. She also holds a postgraduate degree in international development…

a master’s degree in Public Management (from UAB, UPF and UB), and Leadership and Social Innovation course within ESADE’s executive program.

His professional career began in 2004 with UNHCR as Project Manager in the Catalan Committee of UNHCR and in December 2006 he changed course of Humanitarian Action to work in international development with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation where he has held different positions, the latter being Responsible for Programs and Grants for that foundation. .


Monica Gelambi

Doctora por la Universitat  Rovira i Virgili, con mención de Doctorado Europeo. Experta en políticas de género tanto en la Consultoría de la empresa privada como en la administración pública.

Desde su propia consultoría Atena Gender Consulting colabora en proyectos de investigación, postgrados y estudios de la Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya y Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.


Pere Fullana

He obtained the P. Salvador Gil Award for the best Final Project 1988 in Chemical Engineering at the Instituto Químico de Sarriá. Dr. Pere Fullana obtained the P. Salvador Gil Award for the best Final Project 1988…

In Chemical Engineering at the Instituto Químico de Sarriá and is also an Industrial Engineer from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. He is also an Industrial Engineer from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and has completed postgraduate studies in Business Management and Chemical Informatics at the Ramon Llull University, where he obtained his doctorate (Caja Madrid Award, 1995). He was founder of the Environmental Department of the consulting firm Randa Group in 1992, being its Technical Director until December 2002. He is currently Director of the UNESCO Chair on Life Cycle and Climate Change, at the School of International Trade (ESCI-UPF) of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, a group awarded with several prizes: Environment Award (Generalitat de Catalunya, 2008), Finalist of the Europe INNOVA awards (European Commission, DG Enterprise and Industry, 2008),

Best Scientific Contribution on Life Cycle Management” (International Society for Industrial Ecology, 2009), Nominee in the Sustainable Energy Europe & managEnergy Awards (European Commission, 2013), Energy Excellence Award in the modality of Awareness (Generalitat de Catalunya, 2013), Best presentation award for “Diet matters: the case of Spain” (Springer and LCAFood, 2018), Finalist to the Smart Logistics & Packaging Awards (National Packaging Congress, PickPack 2020), ODS12 (Responsible production and consumption) award winner at the go!ODS Awards (UN Global Compact (Spanish Chapter), 2020).

He was Lead Auditor for ISO 14001 and EMAS qualified by LGAI, Calitax and Delphos Quilitas; and now prefers the task of LCA studies reviewer according to ISO 14044. He has participated in more than 20 European projects and coordinated more than 80 national research studies in environmental management, life cycle analysis (LCA), eco-design and clean technologies. He has worked in the following sectors: hotel, ski resorts, golf courses, waste management, bank offices, construction, chemical, pharmaceutical, photography, tanning, footwear, furniture, agricultural sector, packaging, etc. He has helped to set up the type I ecolabel programs of AENOR and the Generalitat de Cataluña, also collaborating in the definition of ecological criteria for several product categories. He has also led the configuration projects of the Type III ecolabel program in the construction sector in Spain (GlobalEPD, AENOR) and Catalonia (DAPc, GenCat)

He has been, at the beginning, delegate for Spain in the drafting of the ISO standards on LCA, ecodesign and ecolabels; and of the CEN standards for LCA in packaging and ecolabels in construction materials. His most prestigious position has been that of Chairman of the SETAC Europe LCA Steering Committee, the world’s leading exponent in the scientific development of this methodology, being also a member of the SETAC Europe Council and the UNEP Life Cycle Initiative. He was appointed by UNEP as author to write the GHG Protocol on products within the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. He is a professor and ambassador of the Icloby Foundation.

Pim van Lommel

Pim van Lommel

Pim Van Lommml M.D. born in 1943, graduated in 1971 at the University of Utrecht, and finished his specialization in cardiology in 1976. He worked from 1977-2003 as a cardiologist in Hospital Rijnstate.

A 800 beds Teaching Hospital in Arnhem, the Netherlands, and is now doing full-time research on the mind-brain relation. He published several articles on cardiology, but since he started his research on near-death experiences (NDE) in survivors of cardiac arrest in 1986 he is the author of over 20 articles (most of them in Dutch), one book and many chapters about NDE. He was co-founder of the Dutch IANDS in 1988. In 2005 he was granted with the Dr. Bruce Greyson Research Award of the International Association of Near-Death Studies (IANDS). In 2006, the president of India rewarded him the Life Time Achievement Award at the World Congress on Clinical and Preventive Cardiology in New Dehli. His Dutch book ‘Endless Consciousness’ was nominated for the ‘Book of the Year 2008’ in the Netherlands. In 2010 he received the 2010 Book Award van de Scientific and Medical Network, and in 2017 he received the Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Award by the Dutch Society of Volunteers in Palliative and Terminal Care (VPTZ). In 2020 the Spiritual Awakenings International (SAI) honored him for his ground-breaking work about Near-Death Experiences as Circle of Honor honoree.   

In November 2007 his book ‘Endless Consciousness’ (Eindeloos Bewustzijn) was published in The Netherlands, which is a bestseller with more than 150.000 copies sold (26th edition). His book was published in Germany in 2009, and it has been published in the English language by Harper Collins in 2010, entitled: Consciousness beyond Life. The science of the near-death Experience. In 2011 the Polish edition was published, the Spanish translation was published in March 2012, and in May 2012 his book was published in France. In December 2015 the book was also published in Latvia, in January 2017 the book was published in Italy, and in February 2019 the book was published in Hungary. In 2020 the book was published in China and it will also be published in Russia.       By now more than 300.000 copies have been sold worldwide.                    

Van Lommel P, Van Wees R, Meyers V, Elfferich I.  Near-death experience in survivors of  cardiac arrest: a prospective study in the Netherlands.  The Lancet   2001; 358: 2039-2045. (903 citations!)

Van Lommel, P.  About the Continuity of our Consciousness,  Adv Exp Med Biol.  2004; 550: 115-132.   [Brain Death and Disorders of Consciousness. Machado, C. and  Shewmon, D.A., Eds.  New York, Boston, Dordrecht, London, Moscow: Kluwer Academic/ Plenum Publishers]

Van Lommel,  P.  Near-Death Experience, Consciousness and the Brain: A new concept about the continuity of our consciousness based on recent scientific research on near-death experience in survivors of cardiac arrest.  World Futures, The Journal of General Evolution, 2006; 62: 134-151.  

Van Lommel, P.  Near-death experiences: the experience of the self as real and not as an illusion. 2011; Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sci. 1234: 19-28.

Van Lommel, P. Nonlocal Consciousness.  A concept based on scientific research on near-death experiences during cardiac arrest. 2013; Journal of Consciousness Studies, 20, No. 1–2 : 7-48.   (66 citations)

Teresa Versyp

Teacher, lecturer and researcher. She has a degree in Physics with a master’s degree in Theoretical Physics from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She also holds a diploma in Primary Education from the University School of Teacher Training of Girona.

She is a pioneer in Quantum Physics training in relation to consciousness and subtle energies. She is also a specialist in Relativity and Cosmology.

She has more than 30 years of teaching experience in mathematical and physical sciences.

Since 2000, she has been giving courses and conferences in universities and different institutions in Spain and Europe, participating in numerous congresses.

She is currently an associate professor at the University of Girona and combines training tasks with independent research on Quantum Biophysics and Quantum Biology.

She has published two books: La Dimensión Cuántica, de la Física Cuántica a la Conciencia, and Sobrevolando el Territorio del Quantum, a didactic guide to the quantum world.


Víctor Guédez

Víctor Guédez is president of CERSE (Consultancy in Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility) and Vice President of the Club of Rome (Venezuela Chapter). He is also a professor in the Master of Corporate Social Responsibility…

at the University of Barcelona (Spain). As well as a professor in the Specialization in Corporate Social Responsibility at the Metropolitan University, and a professor of the Diploma of Corporate Social Responsibility at the Simón Bolívar University.

He is also an academic consultant for the Network of Universities for Corporate Social Responsibility of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and as an external director of the Commercial Communications Liability Committee of Empresas Polar, as well as a member of the Board of Directors. Bigott Foundation.

He was Vice-Academic Rector of the National Open University, Director of the Evaluative Research Project on Distance Education of UNESCO, Consultant of the Regional Center for Higher Education in Latin America and the Caribbean (of UNESCO), Planning Manager of CEPET (Center for Training and Training of Petróleos de Venezuela and its Subsidiaries), Executive Secretary of the “Andrés Bello” Agreement (International intergovernmental organization for cultural, educational, scientific and technological integration of Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile , Spain) and Advisor of the International Center of Education and Development (CIED-PDVSA).

He has published several books, among which are: “Management, Culture and Education”, “Management Ethics”, “Learning to Undertake”, “Ethics, Politics and Reconciliation”, Ethics and Practice of Corporate Social Responsibility “and” Be reliable Social responsibility and business reputation.
At present, he shares his intellectual and academic work with the practice of consulting in the areas of Management Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, as well as in Values ​​and Organizational Culture.

Xosé Gabriel Vázquez

Doctor in Sociology. Professor, member of the People-Environment Research Group and Co-Director of the Postgraduate Course “Social Marketing” at the University of A Coruña. Between 1991 and 2011,

Director of the Sondaxe Institute (Voice of Galicia Corporation), of studies and demoscopic work. Consultant and Founder Partner in several sociological applications companies. Writer in various media (Economía Digital, ECO Magazine) and Editor-in-Chief (2016-2019) at UpMedia (Cepymenews, PLAN Magazine). Author of a dozen books, as well as co-author of many other works, in some also as coordinator. 2019 Diderot International Essay Award.