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Sustainable Management and Social Responsibility within the framework of the sustainable development goals (ODS)

21th Edition, 2023

“A SER manager of the 21st century has two great goals. On the one hand, must be the guarantor that the processes, products and relationships maintained with third parties, are carried out under principles and canons of sustainability, ethics and responsibility, in all its execution. For another, that their proposals and influence are focused on obtaining continuity, evolution, innovation, differentiation, notoriety and better reputation of the organization”.

The "Master in Sustainable Management and Social Responsibility within the framework of the sustainable development objectives (ODS)” is designed and developed so that each participant knows how to build an advanced management model S&R in an organization. This model will be implemented in all processes and products of the organization, with the participation and leadership of all its organizational units.

The design of the contents responds to the current need to train professionals capable of directing organizations towards a level of competence that ensures their ability to demonstrate their responsibility., its ethics and sustainability (TO BE) in its management.

For each field of business management (corporate governance, human Resources, production, purchases, etc.), the student will know and understand what are the functions, the processes, the activities, trends, innovations, the most advanced international methodologies, the challenges, and the regulations of the organizational unit that manages it.

The final objective will be how to transfer that condition of responsibility, ethical and sustainable in all its operations.

The contents of this master's degree can be applied to the management of any type of organization and are designed with the aim of being eminently practical., current and functional.

at its conception, development and delivery the University of Barcelona certifies and acts as a guarantor of uniqueness, differentiation, usefulness and value of the training provided and the experiences lived.

The Icloby Foundation, formed by scientists, intellectuals and entrepreneurs, committed to the world we live in and to promoting a change of consciousness through innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship, ensures quality, the depth and usefulness of the content and its teaching resources inspired by the sustainable development goals and the agenda 2030.

This formation, top grade, ensures the ability to successfully implement and develop SER management in any type of organization and the learning of techniques, value models and dialogues with all of its organizational units and with all of the interest groups with which it is related.

In the development and delivery of the modules, the student will apply the knowledge learned to two strategic goals:

  • On the one hand, the development of a Business case, as Master's Thesis (TFM), applied to the reality and interest of the student, with the support and advice of the most qualified experts.
  • For another, the design and construction of a strategic scorecard in SER and a dashboard of indicators to respond to the need to govern and control the management of the organization in which you work or in a hypothetical one in the sector of your choice.

This program is subsidized through the State Foundation for Employment Training: SHOTS.


12 months (8 months of teaching)

Type of master

Online (optional face-to-face week)

school period

06.03.2023 - 03.11.2023

Academic period

06.03.2023 - 26.04.2024

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You will advance your personal and professional development

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Titulation: Master in Strategic Management of Social Responsibility within the Framework of the Sustainable Development Goals
Universidad: Barcelona University
Manager of management: Icloby Foundation
Number of credits: 60
Type of Master: Online
school period: 06 March of the 2023 al 01 november 2023
Academic period: 06 March of the 2023 al 26 april 2024
Possibility of face-to-face week: Barcelona (spain)
Duration: 12 months (8 of teaching)
target students: 25

Didactic resources:

  • master classes.
  • Business case discussions benchmark or topics of current relevance.
  • Company case studies benchmark.

Main goal:

Qualify managers or technical experts in "BEING" capable of leading the change towards responsible organizational management, ethics and sustainability in all organizational units and in relations and dialogue with stakeholders. Special application to the objectives of sustainable development and the agenda 2030.

complementary objectives:

The student will have the skills and knowledge necessary to:

  • design strategies, multi-year plans and S programs&R based on fundamental analysis (SWOT and PESTLE), competitive benchmarking, relevant issues and materiality studies.
  • Lead the S&R in the organization through innovation and social entrepreneurship.
  • Design a system of interest groups and the relationship and dialogue frameworks with them.
  • Know the most relevant prescribing organizations, drivers of change, and developers of R methodologies&S and the most representative norms and standards.
  • Understand the bases and priorities of corporate governance, risk management, ethics and the three lines for the defense of the business. Roles and responsibilities Y&R of the governing bodies.

Activities and final products:

  • Dashboard and dashboard designed for the governance and control of an organization (by teams).
  • TFM o Business case applied to the organization where the student works or to the interest of the student
  • Implement S management&R in the business value chain with special attention to commercial management, production/operations, purchases and financial economic management (ISR). economic footprint.
  • apply the S&R to people management, especially in talent governance, job security and internal social responsibility (equality, reconciliation, disability, etc). labor footprint.
  • Design and implement S models&R for environmental and social management aimed at building brands and value traces on these matters.
  • Design and implement communication plans and prepare S reports&R under the most demanding and reputable standards and compliance with the legislation that may exist in this regard.
  • Adapt all the aforementioned objectives to the idiosyncrasy of the administrations, public companies and town halls and key aspects and challenges of these organizations.
  • Executives or middle managers of social responsibility/sustainability or of the area in which this function is framed.
  • Specialist technicians with responsibility for this management in subsidiaries or work centers.
  • Consultants/Advisors in this matter.
  • Leaders of startup or entrepreneurs who wish to include the S in their launch and consolidation&R as value inducer.
  • Roles of Management Committees or Delegate Committees of the Board of Directors.
  • Managers and Technicians of public administrations and governments who work in this field of management.

The Master in Sustainable Management and Social Responsibility within the framework of the sustainable development goals, qualify for the following professional opportunities:

  • managers, Senior technicians and managers in charge of managing aspects related to corporate social responsibility and/or communication within the framework of the SDGs.
  • Managers and owners of SMEs with an entrepreneurial profile in the field of corporate social responsibility and social innovation.
  • Consultants and advisers on social responsibility, sustainable management and communication within the framework of the SDGs.
  • Sustainability researchers and professors, social responsibility and social innovation.

Adapts to new business needs in terms of sustainable development goals, social responsability, sustainable and ethical development and innovation.

It is oriented to the real practice of companies: Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility and Stakeholder Management, Expert forum, learning through case studies, contact with leading companies, platforms and work networks aimed at promoting innovative socially responsible projects.

You learn from a teaching staff made up of professors and professionals in the management of interest groups, ODS, Corporate Social Responsibility, social innovation and communication. All of them of national and international prestige, with extensive experience and offering a global vision and practical orientation with the case method, innovation laboratories and technological innovations. Driven by a classroom of international and multidisciplinary students.

registration period

01 of July 2022 until the 15 of January of 2023.
limited places.

Course price: 6.900 €.
first 10 discounted registrations 1.000 €.

Interest-free monthly financing, prior payment of 10% registration.
1.- Personal and contact information
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