As stated in the foundation’s governing statutes, a part of the proceeds obtained by the same are used for investment in various startups, which must necessarily have a precondition for their assessment: “to improve the world in which we live”.

Our collaboration with startups is very varied:

With some, we only provide economic resources so that they can continue growing and we assume their risks as we join as shareholders.

With others, we provide the necessary networking to expand their respective businesses, such as to meet new markets through our contacts in different countries and sectors.

In the case of companies from other countries that want to develop part of their activity in Spain, where our network is truly very significant, we try to help them land in Europe, both through the contribution of capital and networking.

Some examples of our investee companies are the following:



Company based in Barcelona, ​​which is developing a medical device that represents the new generation of catheters for the safe performance of thrombectomies, thus facilitating a safe and effective tool that can prevent not only the deaths of tens of thousands of people each year around the world, but also improve the quality of life of all patients who are prone to surgery with this new technique.


Startup located in Barcelona, ​​a developer of a software that has passed the most stringent analysis and certifications of both the American and the European economic communities, and that allows the authentication of a signature, and the filing and signature of documents in a totally digital way, avoiding displacements (paper consumption, energy consumption, pollution reduction, economic efficiency), and acting as a time-saver for employees of companies that use it frequently.



A company based in San Francisco which develops solutions based on stem cells, to prevent childhood deafness, developing different parts of the inner ear, thus preventing tens of thousands of people around the world from growing up with different types of hearing limitations.