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Letter from the president

The will to improve the society in which we live through companies, to contribute to making a better world, the sum of effort, the devotion and commitment of business organizations that share our goal and a clear commitment to sustainability, good practices and innovation as the basis of our objective are the real seeds of this Foundation.

Thus, we promote business initiatives that share our objective and contribute through training professionals to know how to adapt to new business needs in terms of social responsibility, sustainable and ethical development and innovation demanded by today’s society.

All this, always taking into account our social work as sensitizers, with the aim of making business organizations aware of how, through their actions, they can contribute to the improvement of society.

Icloby Foundation: It all started in 2017 … and Two Decades before …

Taking advantage of our commitment to the development of start-ups with a social component,  we dare to say that Icloby is a “Start-Up” Foundation with more than 20 years of experience.

The Icloby Foundation was born to give continuity to the work of the CIES Foundation with the University of Barcelona over more than 20 years, in training and accompanying sustainable global development, through new developments in innovation, research and the contribution of wealth and well-being to society, supporting entrepreneurs based on principles governed by circular economy initiatives, consolidating all stakeholders and ethical principles, seeking to guarantee maximum opportunities.

Thanks to the support of ambassadors, social partners and companies that have relied on our Foundation to jointly develop CSR actions, we are proud to be able to add value to society through our initiatives.

We are many who join multiple ideas, hours of work, but above all, enthusiasm and desire to improve the world in which we live through companies.

To all who make it possible, thank you, from the heart.

PhD. Xavier Melo Presidente Fundador Fundación Icloby