Acción Social1
ICLOBY collaborates, participates and promotes various projects in the areas of Lobbying and Public Affairs, Corporate Social Responsibility, Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation, New Technologies and Medicine. Highlighted projects include management of stakeholders, philanthropy, micro-patronage, social entrepreneurship, actions with a strong social impact, corporate social responsibility actions, innovation and advances in medicine directly.

International Center for women's empowerment


The objective of CIEM is to offer services and a life project to battered women to empower them. A part of these services will be offered free of charge. The cost will be assumed by the Foundation, the benefactor companies, and volunteers. Some of the volunteers will be included in a time bank that will offer a part of their hours in an exchange of services to the Foundation.

The process of social reintegration consists of 3 phases: 1st, “The darkness of the soul”, 2nd, “Crisis and opportunity. It is never too late ”and a 3rd,“ My symphony of Life ”.

In the first stage there will be holistic medical, psychological and therapeutic consultations, understanding the person as a Being in which, in addition to a physical part, that must be healed, there is also the emotional and mental part.

Given the internationalization of the Foundation in Latin America, we are working in Chile and Mexico to develop the association with administrations and companies. The idea is to make it scalable with two more organizations and the support of a public administration, so that the global impact benefits a greater number of people.