Selection Process

Icloby is a living platform, always open to changes in its composition to meet the knowledge needs of Icloby at all times.

Requeriment to participate

Submit an application:

By invitation of Icloby

By unsolicited application

On the proposal of a reference institution

Do not work for companies or organizations that are part of the Icloby Board


Evaluation criteria



Regulated education

Other qualifications


Years in the area of ​​interest

Professional achievements

Relational capital:

Membership in other organizations

Labor and geographic mobility

Informative capacity:

Collaborations in media and activity in social networks

Talks, publications, audiovisuals …


Membership in the Icloby group of experts is reviewed every two years, depending on whether the collaboration area maintains its interest, whether the expert remains closely linked to it, as well as the measurement of results and the availability shown by the expert in the prior years.

The composition of the panel will also seek at all times to be balanced in gender, age, territory of origin and sector of activity.

Those interested in submitting an unsoliciated application must make the request, specifying which of the offered and vacancy profiles they opt for. Applications that are not linked to one of these profiles will not be considered.