la fundacion
The board of trustees

The Board of Trustees is the entity which governs, represents and administers the Icloby Foundation, exercising the powers assigned to it, subject to the provisions of the legal system and its governing statutes. The Board of Trustees exercises its powers independently, and its decisions are final and unappealable.

To assist the Board of Trustees in its management, a Delegate Committee and an Audit Committee are formed within the Board of Trustees as a governing body of the Foundation. The members of these two committees perform their respective tasks without receiving any compensation or consideration in return from Icloby.


Founding president

Xavier Melo Bulbena

Luján Comas Arroyo


Audit committee

Nora Pasarelli

Laura Izarbe

Social Iinnovatipon Committee

 Jordi Martinez

Joan Carles Fajardo

Academic committee

Xavier Melo Bulbena

Angel Ibisate

Entrepreneur committee

Jean Claude Rodriguez

José Maria Tomás

Social action committee

Luján Comas

Èrika Sánchez