The platform
Icloby’s ambassadors are a network of experts with multiple areas of knowledge, prepared to analyze the major social, economic and technological challenges facing innovation.

The experts offer three great strengths:

  1.  A selective panel of experts
    • They stand out for their training, experience, relational capital and mentoring capacity
    • Subject to evaluation
    • Renewed biannually
    • Express themselves in Spanish
  2. A complete map of knowledge about innovation
    • People
    • Organizations
    • Systems
    • Economic and social impact
    • Trends
  3. The continuous review of both the expert group and the innovation map

The experts who are part of Icloby collaborate in the following ways:


They provide a public pro bono service (for the public good) up to a maximum of five hours / Pro bono public (for the public good)

Network of contacts

They facilitate access to other experts


They write documents and articles and participate in forums


They participate in working groups and discussion


They offer availability to attend to the media and participate in social networks


They manage inflows in modules and training courses. They collaborate in the acquisition of grants and donations.

Our experts:

Form a part of all of the activities that Icloby develops around the platform.

The aforementioned pro bono collaborations are paid according to EU standards.