Rita Ferncob

Rita Ferncob

Rita Ferncob

Professional background

Rita Ferncob was born and raised in London.

She is a spiritualist medium and teacher dedicated to connecting people with their loved ones in the spiritual realm.. With over a decade of experience, Rita has honed her skills to communicate with the spirit world at the prestigious and world-renowned Arthur Findlay College, In England. (Headquarters of the For SNU – Spiritualist National Union international. Which is national representative in Spain. Through this rigorous training and continuous development, has become a trusted intermediary, delivering messages from deceased beings with compassion and precision.

From an early age, Rita has shown a deep sensitivity and intuition towards the energies and presences that surround her., which has led to embark on a journey of development and spiritual exploration through mediumship.

In addition to his work as a medium, Rita conducts workshops and classes to help others awaken their own intuitive abilities and deepen their connection to the spiritual world., fostering growth and bringing clarity.

Rita's dedication to her spiritual path extends to the field of energy healing.. Your commitment and desire to help others, They have led her to train and be a teacher of the ancient sacred knowledge of the Guarani Indians called nanny, which gives workshops in Spain and abroad.

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