Foundation Icloby

Icloby Foundation was born as a result of a near-death experience of its Founder, The doctor. Javier Melo in order to improve the world in which we live through a growth of individual and collective consciousness.

For Icloby Foundation, the basis of the growth of consciousness lies in becoming aware of the present and of an existence, beyond physical life itself. This objective is implemented with three activities: research and knowledge generation, the dissemination of knowledge and social action.


ICLOBY FOUNDATION, wants to be the lobby of conscience, to promote a change of individual and global consciousness for a new humanity.


Improve the world we live in, with training, research and social action from science, awareness and commitment.

Values (C.H.A.C.R.A.)

Quality: maximum quality and excellence in our training, research and faculty.
Humanism in each of the actions and activities of the Foundation.
Accompaniment to our students before and after teaching through free continuing education sessions.
Social and environmental commitment.
Responsibility and ethics
Aid: Any action that has the consequence of providing some benefit or improving the well-being of other people

dissemination of knowledge

We train leaders who aspire to have a profound impact, positive and lasting about people, companies and society through professional excellence, integrity and spirit of service. We aspire for our training to be a world benchmark offering assistance to men and women on their way to a growth of their individual and global awareness., and accompany them in their final year project projects, in the different programs.

knowledge generation

The Icloby Foundation investigates and generates knowledge to improve the world in which we live. In this sense, and in the realm of human consciousness, The Foundation promotes the first multicenter international prospective study in Spanish of ECM. For this, it has international references such as Dr.. Pim van Lommel, Bruce Greyson, Eben Alexander, David Lorimer and various members of the Board of Trustees, teachers and ambassadors of the Foundation.

Social action

The evolution of consciousness implies a real change. There can be no real change if it happens only on the theoretical level.. That's why, Icloby Foundation's goal is to accompany the student on a day-to-day basis, through individualized support coupled with scientific and academic rigor, preparing final practical work, sustainable, innovative and high social impact. Icloby Foundation was born not only with the personal need to understand consciousness, but also with the need for accompaniment during transit, support in mourning, support for people who have had an NDE and in-depth research on Near-Death Experiences as a source of knowledge.

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