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Upcoming MASTERS and COURSES from Fundación ICLOBY International Expert Master in Extrasensory Perception Begins on 13 february 2023. An exciting journey that ...
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The expected results of the Aware II study will be published shortly

Sam Parnia recently stated ( that the results of the long-awaited AWARE II study will be published “soon”. That "soon" may still be a few months, as ...
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Has the review of life really been measured in the brain??

A few weeks ago a striking piece of news appeared in various media: “They capture for the first time what happens to the brain before death: ...
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Pim van Lommel. Near-death experiences and non-local consciousness

According to our current medical concepts, it is not possible to be conscious during cardiac arrest, when circulation and respiration have stopped. ...
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Near Death Experiences, this is what science says

Some people who have been on the verge of death claim that they have seen a light at the end of a tunnel, have had an experience ...
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They publish the first consensus on what Near-Death Experiences are

The report, reviewing the scientific evidence accumulated to date, represents the first peer-reviewed consensus statement for the ...
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