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The Icloby Foundation disseminates and generates knowledge to improve the world in which we live. In this sense, and in the realm of human consciousness, the Foundation promotes first multicenter international prospective study in Spanish of Near-Death Experiences (NDE): the light project.
An NDE is a special state of consciousness that occurs during an actual or impending period of physical death.. Although there are various scientific investigations on the nature of NDEs, clear knowledge gaps remain, Therefore, it is necessary to position in an investigation at an international level whose scientific rigor guarantees the veracity of the data collected and the consequent conclusions of the investigation..

The light project consists of an ambitious clinical investigation that, taking as reference the previous study led by Doctors Pim van Lommel, Ruud van Wees e Ingrid Efferich and 2001 in the Netherlands, aims to reproduce said research in a different sociocultural environment (becoming the most important study ever conducted in Spanish-speaking countries) in order to compare and expand the results.

the clinical study, that has the approvals of the relevant evaluation bodies, such as the Málaga Provincial Research Ethics Committee of the Ministry of Health of the Andalusian Health Service, and as the Ethics Committees of the participating hospitals (that look after the well-being and rights of study participants), will recruit surviving subjects of cardiac arrest in whom the presence of (o no) of memories during the same. The Light Project will evaluate medical correlations, physiological, pharmacological, psychological or cultural aspects of the participating subjects with the reported experiences and memories.

For that end, the Icloby Foundation, as Research Promoter, It has international references in the field of consciousness, like dr. Pim van Lommel, serving on a scientific advisory board, as well as a local studio management team: doctor, clinical operations, data and administrative management. The collection of data generated during the investigation, remote data management, on-site data monitoring and statistical methods used in the Luz Project, they will use usual procedures and quality standards in Clinical Research to ensure the robustness of the conclusions drawn from the research.

Y, of course, participating hospitals, with whose research teams led by a cardiologist, intensivist, internist, anesthetist, etc. and the participation of nurses, psychologists, and others make this research possible.

From the Icloby Foundation we encourage health teams that are in regular contact with surviving subjects of cardiac arrest and with an interest in research in the field of NDEs to get in touch at:

We are also collecting NDE data from all those people who have had them and want to let us know., to carry out a retrospective study this time to compile them in different countries, cultures and religions.

People who want to send their story can do so from the following form

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we need volunteers, students and scientists to help us research neuroscience and in turn, arouse interest in the search for consciousness.

If you are of legal age, you have knowledge in science and would like to share and contribute with everything you know, In addition to collaborating with the PROYECTO LUZ: EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE AND TESTIMONY: INTERNATIONAL PROSPECTIVE STUDY OF NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES (NDE) IN PATIENTS SURVIVORING CARDIAC ARREST (EP-ECM) subscriber.
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scientific advisory board

The Terminal lucidity, refers to an improvement cognitive which occurs shortly before a dying person dies. In many cases it comes to disconcerting those close to the person., since they consider this improvement as a recovery from an agonizing process and are usually moments of full awareness, of peace where patients even say goodbye and console their families in the face of their imminent departure with full lucidity.

If you have witnessed an episode of TERMINAL LUCIDITY, You can contribute to our research by completing the following questionnaire “online” (or sending it to whoever you think may have witnessed one):

This is the FIRST WORLD STUDY in CHILDREN about terminal lucidity. You will be asked questions about what you witnessed, the circumstances of the death of the person who had the episode of Terminal Lucidity, as well as the psychological impact of witnessing it on spiritual beliefs and attitudes towards life, death, and consciousness. Here you have more information about the research and the international team of scientists carrying it out:

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

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