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Perception Expert extrasensory

2th Edition, 2024

"The discoveries of modern science in no way invalidate the remote traditions that attribute incredible antiquity to the human race”.

FUCS - University Foundation of Health Sciences
FUCS - University Foundation of Health Sciences

The training is oriented to be eminently practical, with different activities related to extrasensory perception. But we will also pamper the theoretical side, so that it serves to cement our knowledge imparted in this Master.

On the one hand, let's work the theory: history, scientific approach, concepts.

Y, Secondly, the practice. Motivate to wake up our sleeping extrasensory capacity. like it was plasticine, we will mold it to learn how to use it, double bass, scientific methodology and constancy. The student will experience a great advance as he sees the impact that this training has on his life..

The development, Teaching and certification of the International Master's Degree in Extrasensory Perception are in charge of the Icloby Foundation, that acts as a guarantor of uniqueness, differentiation, usefulness and value of the training provided, as well as the experiences lived with the professors of international prestige.

This Master is included in the Social Innovation program with these important effects on the student, and in turn, in the others:

  • To bring out the social entrepreneur in us.
  • To learn to help or collaborate with others.
  • To start projects with social impact.
  • To help achieve a life purpose.


12 months (8 months of teaching)

Type of master

Online (optional face-to-face week)

school period

16.09.2024 - 25.04.20245

Academic period

19.05.2024 - 25.04.2025

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You will advance your personal and professional development

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Titulation: International Master of Expert in Extrasensory Perception from the University Foundation of Health Sciences and Icloby Foundation.
Type of Master: Online
school period: 16 September of the 2024 a 25 December 2025
Academic period: of the 16 September of the 2024 a 25 April of the 2025
Possibility of face-to-face week: Barcelona (spain)
Duration: 12 months (8 of teaching)
target students: 25

In this Master you will be able to deploy holistic tools to work on extrasensory perception.

  • Group and individual work
  • Each subject will have online debate to strengthen learning
  • Practices, essential to correctly establish and stimulate the knowledge imparted
  • interviews
  • Debates on casuistry in extrasensory perception
  • Study cases
  • individual tutorials
  • TFM (Final Master's Project, Voluntary), on a topic that interests the student

Main goal:

The International Master's Degree in Extrasensory Perception aims to provide theoretical and practical tools, in a way that allows its participants to understand and apply the fundamentals of abilities and skills beyond our basic senses (vista, ear, touch, smell, gusto).

The fact that it is a blended training, allows us to reach an international and multicultural audience demanding this knowledge, as necessary as little spread, from a scientific perspective and at the same time, humanist.

complementary objectives:

The student will have the skills and knowledge necessary to:

  • Know and understand the history of esoteric currents and traditions. Modeling of important figures of esoteric traditions. Understanding shamanism from a scientific point of view.
  • Have a basic knowledge of quantum physics: definition, wave-particle duality, observer-observed, quantum entanglement. Application in day to day.
  • Know what is human biofield. The multidimensionality of the human being. The magnetic field of the heart. healing and biofield.
  • Understand the different aspects of death and consciousness; near death experiences, the non-local mind, the possibility of consciousness surviving death.
  • Understanding how intuition works. Methods to improve intuition: meditation. Understand the importance of empathy and emotional intelligence. Using intuition as a compass of life.
  • Know and understand the different capacities of extrasensory perception: mediumship, connections after death, PES techniques.
  • Know what divinatory arts there are. Understand the difference between hardware and non-hardware divinatory arts.
  • Know the different methods and techniques of investigation of extrasensory perceptions.
  • Understand concepts such as astral travel, teleradiesthesia, dowsing, ghostly spirit.
  • People who have had experiences with their extrasensory perception and seek a scientific understanding of what happened.
  • People who, having had sporadic experiences, want to have a base to be able to use them on a daily basis.
  • People who have no knowledge on the subject and are curious about the field of ESP.
  • People who want to use this knowledge, both in his personal sphere and in his professional life.
  • Therapists who want to explore alternative knowledge.
  • Know how to access your innate potential, for instance, the intuition.
  • Knowing how to put yourself in that state of consciousness where things, simply, do they work.
  • Knowing how to detect the emotions involved in extrasensory perception.
  • Know how to put this knowledge at the service of others.
  • Being able to teach children to use their innate potential, through games or, simply, through active listening, with the intention that the child does not lose his abilities.
  • Know how your extrasensory perception will help you in your life purpose.

"The International Master's Degree in Extrasensory Perception" has an effect, not only in your personal sphere but also in the professional:

  • Help you grow professionally, and to achieve the goals that you have set for yourself.
  • Help you connect with others from the root, creating a pure quantum entanglement between you, your clients, coworkers, bosses, etc.
  • help you understand, from your sixth sense, the field in which you are working, producing amazing effects in your work.

For reasons of overcoming

Shakespeare said it with extraordinary accuracy "There are more things in heaven and on earth, Horacio, than the ones your philosophy dreams of”.

This International Master's Degree in Extrasensory Perception is designed to help students excel in a double sphere. On the one hand, overcome Cartesian uniformity of thought, that trap the individual in a gray scenario. Secondly, overcome the student's own beliefs, acquired over the years. Beliefs that limit the path of your expansion, as a growing BEING that is. The tools that we are going to provide you with in the Master will help you take advantage of the greater wealth that we all have: our ability to create and evolve. If we use the usual tools, without any overcoming, the results – consequently – will always be the same.

For educational reasons

  • The International Master's Degree in Extrasensory Perception adapts to the new training requirements, both on a personal and professional level.
  • The contents are constantly updated, and you will have practical cases with which to strengthen your training.
  • We offer different learning formats, with the best educational resources.
  • You will have reputable professors of international prestige, both academically and professionally.

registration period

From the 01 of September 2023 until the beginning of the course.

limited places.

Course price: 5.900 €.
first 10 discounted registrations 1.000 €.

Interest-free monthly financing, prior payment of 10% registration.
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