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Awareness and Social Leadership

4th Edition, 2024

"Consciousness is living in the present, and you can't be aware without acting. Consciousness means to be aware, and if you are not aware you cannot change reality”.

The "Social Awareness and Leadership" course is designed and developed so that each participant becomes aware of living in the present and acting, leading projects and actions, both personal and professional, always with a high social impact.

The content design responds to the current need to train people and professionals, able to consciously direct, not just one's own personal life, but also the social, the labor, having a transcendent vision of responsibility, of ethics and involvement social.

The ultimate goal is to improve the world we live in., spreading knowledge to people from a scientific and holistic perspective. Realize, be happy, to thank, have the deep knowledge and awareness that we belong to a whole interrelated with Nature and the environment, that our thoughts, feelings and actions affect everything and everyone, and? we are creators of our reality. Transfer this awareness of responsibility and ethics to all levels.


12 months (8 months of teaching)

Course type

Online (optional face-to-face week)

school period

01.04.2023 - 22.11.2023​

Academic period

01.04.2023 - 25.04.2024

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Social Consciousness and Leadership Guide

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Titulation: Diploma from the Icloby Foundation and the University Foundation of Health Sciences (FUCS), in Consciousness and Life Project
Course Type: Online
Possibility of face-to-face week: Barcelona (spain)
school period: 01 April of the 2024 al 22 november 2024
Academic period: 01 April of the 2024 al 25 april 2025
Duration: 12 months (8 of teaching)
target students: 25

Didactic resources:

  • master classes
  • Group and individual work
  • Debates online
  • Practices
  • interviews
  • Debates of cases or topics of current relevance
  • Study cases
  • individual tutorials

Activities and final products:

TFC (End of Course Project), voluntary, on a topic that interests the student.

Main goal:
qualify people, from scientific and holistic points of view, for:

  • Be happy.
  • Being aware that we belong to a whole, interrelated with nature and the environment and that everything we think, feel or act has repercussions on everything.
  • Transfer this condition of responsibility and ethics to organizations and team management.
  • Be aware of who we are, that we have a purpose in our life.

complementary objectives:
The student will have the skills and knowledge necessary to:

  • Obtain a more transcendental vision of life from a scientific and humanistic point of view.
  • Knowledge of the human being: the heart, consciousness, life, death, the beyond.
  • self knowledge.
  • Understanding life as a text within a larger context: LIFE.
  • Discover the world of meanings.
  • Volunteering scope: have tools to accompany in mourning, to the elderly in residences, to patients in hospitals.
  • Design strategies of high social impact and dialogue with social interest groups, but always uniting mind and heart.
  • Complement or redirect personal or professional life giving it a deeper meaning.
  • Knowledge of prescribing social organizations.
  • Apply awareness to people management, especially in talent governance and social responsibility.
  • Entrepreneurship of a social project.

People who care about self-knowledge, who want a transcendental vision of life, interested in near-death and deathbed experiences, Sanitary, psychologists, volunteers and third sector workers, those whose work is related to the treatment of people who have lost a loved one, social entrepreneurs and leaders who want to humanize the organization and those who want to delve into life and death and other equally important questions from science and humanism.

The Higher Course in Social Awareness and Leadership trains for the following professional opportunities:

  • Personal and professional leadership
  • Accompaniment to grief and patients
  • Social team management
  • Social action
  • strategic philanthropy
  • Volunteering
  • Innovation and social entrepreneurship
  • Self-knowledge and management of your life

  • Adapts to new training needs, both personally and as a team manager.
  • Scientists and professors of international prestige.
  • The contents are constantly updated with practical cases.
  • We offer different learning formats very enjoyable.
  • Time flexibility anywhere in the world, saving time and money. Easy access to the virtual classroom. support staff, personalized assessments and tutorials.
  • Prices and exclusive conditions in this edition.
  • Titulation: International Higher Course in Consciousness and Life Project. Icloby Foundation and the University Foundation of Health Sciences (FUCS).

registration period

01 of September 2023 until the 27 March 2024.

limited places.

Course price: 3.900 €.
first 10 discounted registrations 1.000 €.

Interest-free monthly financing, prior payment of 10% registration.

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