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Expert in Accompaniment and Grief

4th Edition, 2025

“The butterfly is born from the chrysalis, a word that comes from “crisis”. The Caterpillar, what a challenge, touches the ground with its paws and body. But, after directly experiencing the horizontal planes and matter, turns into a chrysalis, where he dies to become a butterfly. He has transmuted his legs for wings, earth by air, the wood of the horizontal cross by the vertical, the extensive by the intense, the experience of matter through a vision from above, higher and broader.

FUCS - University Foundation of Health Sciences
FUCS - University Foundation of Health Sciences

The Higher International Expert Course in Accompaniment and Grief aims to provide an answer, both affected people and professionals, to the need to train the individual without prior knowledge, or health personnel (Medicine, Nursing, Psychology, nursing home staff, etc.) in loss scenarios, accompaniment and mourning, in order to obtain the necessary knowledge to face this type of crisis.

The course program is prepared taking into account a multicultural approach, due to the different sensitivities of students and teachers, as well as by the management and application of techniques in the accompaniment and mourning.

Our training is oriented to be eminently practical, with different activities related to accompaniment and mourning. The development, Teaching and certification of the International Advanced Course for Experts in Accompaniment and Mourning are in charge of the Icloby Foundation, Foundation Academy Icloby, that acts as a guarantor of uniqueness, differentiation, usefulness and value of the training provided, as well as the experiences lived with internationally renowned professors and the University Foundation of Health Sciences. (FUCS).

This course also includes a Social Innovation program with these important effects on the student, and in turn, in others and in society:

  • To learn the different multicultural techniques.
  • To discuss from a multicultural point of view, with international references and experts in accompaniment and mourning.
  • To share with teachers and students different social actions of great impact in different countries.
  • To train to help or collaborate with others.
  • To initiate projects with a social impact in the field of accompaniment and mourning.


12 months (8 months of teaching)

Course type

Online (optional face-to-face week)

school period

01.04.2025 - 22.11.2025

Academic period

18.03.2025 - 25.04.2026

This course starts in....


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Accompaniment guide in grief

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Titulation: International Higher Course Diploma for Expert in Accompaniment and Grief, from the University Foundation of Health Sciences and Icloby Foundation
Course Type: Online
In-person week in Barcelona optional: of the 20 a 24 April of the 2026
school period: of the 1 April of the 2025 al 22 of November of 2026
Academic period: of the 18 of March 2025 al 25 of April 2026
Duration: 12 months (8 of teaching)
target students: 25
Optional delivery Final Course Project: 28 february 2026

Whether you are professional, as if you have no previous training in accompaniment, you will be able to deploy holistic tools to work on grief and loss.

  • Group and individual work
  • Each subject will have online debate to strengthen learning
  • Practices in each module, fundamental to correctly establish the knowledge taught and practices in a center in your city where you can learn and exercise what you have learned..
  • interviews
  • Debates on casuistry bereavement/death accompaniment
  • Study cases
  • individual tutorials
  • TFC (Voluntary Final Year Project) voluntary, on a topic that interests the student
  • In-person in Spain (optional)

Main goal:
The Higher International Expert Course in Accompaniment and Grief aims to provide theoretical and practical tools, so that it allows its participants to understand and apply the fundamentals of accompaniment to the being during death and mourning.

The fact that it is a blended training, allows us to reach an international and multicultural audience demanding this knowledge, as necessary as little spread, from a scientific perspective and at the same time, humanist.

complementary objectives:
The student will have the skills and knowledge necessary to:

  • Know and understand concepts such as “accompaniment”, “duel”, “Life after life”.
  • Know the phases of transit, as well as the tools we have to manage each of them. Know what is “contemplative accompaniment” or how should we prepare the match? Understand what a farewell ritual.
  • Have knowledge of the latest techniques to overcome grief; the meditation, the breathing, healing writing, family constellations, among other techniques.
  • Discuss the experiences lived by each teacher and student, And how have they coped?, What has been the vital learning of each one?.
  • Know what to do when faced with a “duel against nature”; how to deal with the death of a child, the suicide of a loved one, or how to overcome an abortion.
  • Know how to act other duels; gender violence, the abuse, etc. Know what to do before other types of losses: amor, worked, Health, etc.
  • Knowing how to answer the question "what should we learn from a certain duel?
  • Study large cases of compassion, of solidarity, of social innovation to help and contribute a better society.
  • Know how to implement a case of social innovation on a given problem, in the world of accompaniment and mourning.


  • People who have experienced or are experiencing a duel.
  • People who want to be prepared to face a loss.
  • Relatives who feel that they have not properly closed their grieving process.
  • People who need to know how to accompany someone who is close to their transit.
  • People who want to carry out their life purpose.
  • People who want to innovate or launch an idea in this area.
  • People who wish to accompany effectively in the mourning process.


  • Healthcare professionals (Medicine, Nursing, Psychology, etc.). As well as students of said specialties.
  • Professionals who interact directly and daily with the pain of loss (funeral homes, Insurers, geriatric, etc.).
  • Professionals who interact tangentially with the pain of loss (toddlers, Colleges, Bank entities, Administration, Human Resources, etc.).
  • Volunteering: both managers and volunteers.
  • Definitely, professionals who wish to effectively accompany the mourning process.
  • Know the duel in depth and know how to overcome it from compassion, the transcendence, love and consciousness.
  • Knowing how to assess symptoms of grief overcome poorly and how this fact negatively influences the individual, both physically and psychologically.
  • Knowing how to detect the emotions that intervene in the mourning process, help express and manage them, with affected people.
  • Know how to accompany families in this difficult time, with effective intervention techniques, affective and therapeutic.
  • Know how to explain death as part of life, especially mothers and children.
  • It will allow us to know which defense and evasion mechanisms are the most frequent in duels.

The International Advanced Course of Expert in Accompaniment and Mourning trains in the following professions:

  • Health professionals (Medicine, Nursing, Psychology, etc.). As well as students of said branches.
  • People who have suffered a loss and want to help others in similar situations.
  • Professionals who interact directly and daily with the pain of loss (funeral homes, Insurers, geriatric, etc.).
  • Professionals who interact tangentially with the pain of loss (toddlers, Colleges, Bank entities, Administration, Human Resources, etc.).
  • Volunteering: both managers and volunteers.
  • And a long etc.. The list of linked professionals, one way or another, to transit, to the duel, to the accompaniment, is greater than, first, We can think.

For reasons of sensitivity

The members of Fundación Icloby are very aware of the range of motivations that bring a student like you to the Advanced International Expert Course in Accompaniment and Grief. Either for personal reasons – having suffered a loss, be in mourning, or be accompanying someone in the different phases of transit – or for professional reasons, as, for instance, be health personnel, who need training like the one offered by the Icloby Foundation, to help you understand the pain, confusion and anguish of patients and relatives. An empathy that will favor all those involved in a moment as complex as the farewell. It is very important that, both patients, as relatives, they are accompanied from the first moment. Icloby Foundation wants to help "humanize" all phases of transit and mourning, as well as create a network of cooperation, sweetie, and understanding with all the characters activated in this delicate situation.

For educational reasons

  • The International Advanced Course for Experts in Accompaniment and Mourning adapts to new training needs, both on a personal and professional level.
  • You will have renowned scientists and professors of international prestige, both academically and in their daily practice.
  • The contents are constantly updated, and you will have practical cases with which to strengthen your training.
  • We offer different learning formats, with the best educational resources.
  • Time flexibility anywhere in the world, saving time and money. Easy access to the virtual classroom. Support staff, personalized assessments and tutorials.

registration period

From the 1 September 2024.

limited places.

Course price: 3.900 €.
first 10 discounted registrations 1.000 €.

Interest-free monthly financing, prior payment of 10% registration.

1.- Personal and contact information
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