Carlos Agustí Hernández

Carles Agustí Hernández

Carles Agustí Hernández

Professional background

Governance Consultant (open government, big data, smat cities y ODS), Certified in ODS and international speaker on these topics with a presentation in more than 100 congresses.

Leading Cities Advisory Board Member, of the Barcelona Open Data Initiative and the UCLG Open Government Committee (United Cities and Local Governments).

He has been president of the Association of Political Communication of Catalonia (Compolcat) and Vice President of ACCIEP. Also, es CEO Data Coach – Very Personal Coach CEO. Country Officer for Spain for IFGICT based in Brazil – USA – Switzerland, of which he also has the certificate in Sustainable Development Goals Manager.

Senior Advisor at Doxa on governance issues.

Mentor at Tipscool and Mentor for startups and collaboration in governance and digital transformation projects within the Barcelona Digital Talent project.

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