Carmen Bayon

Carmen Bayon

Carmen Bayon

Professional background

He is a psychiatrist, Doctor of Medicine from the Autonomous University of Madrid.

Professor at the UAM School of Mindfulness.

Member of the Psychiatry and Mental Health Research Group of the Research Institute of the La Paz University Hospital (IdiPaz).

She works as coordinator of the Mental Health Day Hospital at the La Paz University Hospital in Madrid..

Associate Professor of the Department of Psychiatry at the UAM.

She is coordinator of the HULP Psychotherapy Training and Research Unit that receives Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology residents who request training stays from different hospitals in Spain and Latin America..

Professor of the Master's Degree in Integrative Perspective Psychotherapy at the University of Alcalá.

He teaches courses on Narrative Psychotherapy, Personality Disorders and Trauma-Related Disorders.

She is a qualified teacher for the MBSR program (UMASS and Brown University) the MBCT (Oxford University).

She is the author of scientific articles in international and national journals and book chapters.. Author of the mobile APP REM BACK HOME.

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