Jorge carvajal

Jorge Carvajal

Professional background

Surgeon from the University of Antioquia (Colombia), pioneer of bioenergetic medicine in Latin America and creator of Sintergética and Manos para Sanar.

This is a medical proposal that, from the spirit of synthesis, integrates advances in biocybernetics and general systems theory, quantum physics, traditional medicines and the most modern discoveries of western medicine, to healing, Conceived as the path to peace, inner harmony and solidarity in relationships.

brilliant physician and philosopher, cutting edge scientist, speaker and writer.

Co-founder of Viavida, research society, assistance and teaching, and the International Synergetics Association (A.I.S.), non-profit organization, that groups therapists, doctors, associations, companies and foundations related to training, the practices, the promotion and social projection of Sintergética in the world, of which he is honorary president.

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