Mikel Lizarralde

Mikel Lizarralde

Professional background

Mikel Lizarralde was born in Urretxu (Guipúzcoa) and since he was a child he knew that he had the ability to see and feel spirits, as well as predicting future events. In the year 2003, He traveled to Montreal to train in the field of communication with the afterlife, and since then he has become one of the most acclaimed mediums in the world.

He is a Graduate in Psychology and an Expert in Third Generation Therapies. (Master in Psychotherapy) by the International University of La Rioja (BIND). He is the author of two books, A new message and Diary of a medium, both published in Vergara.

In August 2019, received the “Award of Excellence for Helping Create a Better World”. This award was presented by the “International Ambassadors for Peace” Program., directed by Elaine Valdov, and related to the department of public information of the United Nations.

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