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Pedro Amoros

Pedro Amoros

Professional background

For his long career in the media, both in the written press and on radio and television, Pedro Amorós is one of the best-known journalists in the world of mystery in Europe.

Also, is a PhD in Parapsychological Sciences from the École Superieure Internationale of Brussels.

For more than thirty years he dedicated himself to research on Instrumental Transcommunication for the possible pragmatic demonstration of the existence of a life after death..

He is currently specialized in the study of Psychophony (EVP) and is considered one of the most rigorous and serious researchers in the world, because it has an extensive archive of recordings, which currently has thousands of psychophonies rigorously studied and analyzed.

Es, what's more, the president of the Spanish Society for Parapsychological Research, founded in the year 1995.

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