Elvira Fig trees

Elvira Figueres

Professional background

Elvira has a degree in Psychology from the UOC, specialized in Educational Psychology and Clinical Psychology. Master in Mental Health and Social Clinic, by the University of León. Postgraduate in Psychopathology, by the University of Barcelona. Postgraduate in Educational Mediation, Family and Community, by the UOC.

His academic training has been complemented with these courses, among others, and to cite the most recent: cultivate the mind (Compasion Institute, 2021); Consciousness and social leadership (Icloby Foundation, 2021); Multidisciplinary Intervention Guide for children with psychological trauma (COPC, 2020); Conduct and behavior disorders: “Understand to intervene” (COPC, 2020); Comprehensive care for women and children victims of gender violence (EXILE, 2018).

Its work is oriented to the attention of the most vulnerable groups: Catalan Women's Institute, Psychological attention; Esplai Blanquerna, teacher: qualification courses "Caregiver/s of dependent patients"; Baix Ebro County Council, teacher: social and labor insertion programs and groups at risk of exclusion; Department of Labor of the Generalitat, coordination and design of insertion programs; Town Hall of Tortosa, head of the Employment Service and teacher of transversal skills.

as a volunteer, cite their collaborations in: attention, Containment and support for women victims of violence in the emergency room; psychological support and guidance for children at risk of expulsion and behavioral disorders in Esplai Blanquerna (Tortoise); accompaniment and emotional support to palliative patients at Hospital de la Santa Creu.

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