Bruce Greyson

Bruce Greyson

Bruce Greyson

Professional background

Dr.. Bruce Greyson is Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Division of Perceptual Studies. (DOPS), antes llamada Division of Personality Studies, at the University of Virginia.

He is also a Professor of Psychiatric Medicine in the Department of Psychiatric Medicine., Division of Outpatient Psychiatry, from the University of Virginia.

Dr.. Greyson is a researcher in the field of near-death studies and has been called the father of near-death experience research.

Greyson has worked together with Kenneth Ring, Michael Sabom, among others, based on research by Raymond Moody, Jr. Noyes Russell and Elisabeth Kübler-Ross.

The scale formulated by Greyson to measure the aspects and characteristics of near-death experiences has been widely used.; quoted 95 times at the beginning of 2010.

He also devised a scale of 19 Items to Evaluate the Kundalini Experience, called Physio-Kundalini Scale. Greyson wrote the summary of near-death experiences for the Encyclopedia Britannica and was the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Near-Death Studies. (formerly known as Anabiosis) since 1982 until 2007.

Greyson has been frequently interviewed or consulted in the media on the subject of near-death experiences..

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