Valentina Onisor

Valentina Onisor

Valentina Onisor

Professional background

Family Doctor.

Pioneer of quantum integrative medicine.

Committed to sciences related to the awakening of consciousness for more than two decades.

Yoga and meditation teacher (Sivananda Vedanta Forest Academy; Yoga Alliance; Ambassador of Universal Consciousness, CHAT).

Has established correlations between ancient sciences and quantum physics, using both as support for his teachings.

Through a unique quantum healing system, inspires people to achieve better physical health, emotional and spiritual that allows deep and lasting integration and regeneration at all levels.

Leader in transformational education, teacher, co-founder and dean of students at Quantum Activism Vishwalayam; teacher at Quantum Academy in Brazil; acting consultant to the Center for Quantum Activism in Eugene, Oregon. Gives courses and workshops aimed at healing and spiritual transformation.

co-author (along with Dr.. Amit Goswami) from the book “Quantum Spirituality, quantum brain” and upcoming books, “The awakening of intelligence”, “Quantum Integrative Medicine” and “The Quantum Science of Love and Relationships”.

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