The expected results of the Aware II study will be published shortly

Sam Parnia recently stated ( that the results of the long-awaited AWARE II study will be published “soon”. That "soon" may still be a few months, as has already happened with some other similar announcement of the "Parnia Lab", from New York.

But at least Parnia has already advanced that this new study will show that the 15% people resuscitated after cardiac arrest experience an NDE. A result that considerably increases the incidence observed in AWARE I (8,9%) and that it is in line with different previous studies. As is known another of the objectives of AWARE (in its two waves) is the detection of NDEs with an out-of-body experience in which patients see hidden images facing the ceiling during their experience and thus be able to verify the reality of the experience with greater certainty. It is not yet known whether or not there have been any NDEs with these types of perceptions in AWARE II.. In the first phase of AWARE the results were somewhat "scattered": there was a case of perception of hidden images but in the ICU and not during cardiac arrest, and yet there were two NDEs with objective perceptions during cardiac arrest verified later, although they occurred in rooms where there were no hidden images:


In AWARE II Parnia has sophisticated the studio a bit more: images are presented to the ceiling on iPads synchronized with a small headband-like device worn on the patient during CPR. This device is capable of measuring cerebral oxygen saturation and performing a simple EEG. Thus, if the patient is experiencing an NDE and detects the image currently being displayed on the iPad, there are also readings of cerebral oxygenation and electrical activity of the EEG of that exact moment. This should clarify the doubts about at what specific moment the NDE is taking place, which has been a recurring question throughout years of research. Additionally, the patient's brain state will be known and whether or not it is compatible with a "physiological" consciousness..


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