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Upcoming MASTERS and COURSES from the ICLOBY Foundation

International Master's Degree in Extrasensory Perception

Starts on 13 february 2023.

An exciting journey that starts from the limits of current science, quantum physics, magnetic biofields, NDEs, and delves fully into the traditions that have explored extrasensory perception and the spiritual world: shamanism, meditation, intuition, healing.

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International Higher Expert Course in Accompaniment and Mourning

The Higher International Expert Course in Accompaniment and Grief aims to provide an answer, both affected people and professionals, to the need to train the individual without prior knowledge, or health personnel (Medicine, Nursing, Psychology, nursing home staff, etc.) in loss scenarios, accompaniment and mourning, in order to obtain the necessary knowledge to face this type of crisis.

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International Master in Sustainability Management and Social Responsibility within the Framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (ODS)

Starts on 06 March 2023.

The "Master in Sustainable Management and Social Responsibility within the framework of the sustainable development objectives (ODS)” is designed and developed so that each participant knows how to build an advanced management model S&R in an organization.

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International Advanced Course on Social Awareness and Leadership

Starts on 03 april 2023.

The "Social Awareness and Leadership" course is designed and developed so that each participant becomes aware of living in the present and acting, leading projects and actions, both personal and professional, always with a high social impact.

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